initiative to stir up troubles, but if there are still blind people who do stubborn things, I have to blame Pindao.”

Upon hearing this, Yun Shou’s expression finally became calmer for a moment since he entered the venue.
Therefore, Yun Shou nodded repeatedly.
“That’s natural, that’s natural. Thank you fellow Taoist for your understanding. I don’t have any unnecessary requirements here.”
When the words came to this point, before Yun Shou could continue to say anything, the slightly sharp voice of the sword sect Taozi had already been transmitted into the venue through a courtyard wall.
In an instant, there was a sudden pause in the whispering venue, and then, an even louder voice echoed from the cultivators.
In fact, at such a close distance, when Lu Beihai and Daozi Jian Zong were fighting on the altar, the cultivators had already separated their thoughts and stayed in the courtyard from a distance, watching the fight from a distance.
And in the piercing voice of the Taoist Master of the Sword Sect, there was the knowledge of the Taoist Master of the Sword Sect that the junior brother who was the best at killing among the Taoist disciples of the Qian lineage died in the hands of Lu Beihai.
Without any too many temptations, Lu Beihai condensed the strong sword spirit that he had cultivated for a long time into the edge of the sword, and then attacked with a fierce and unafraid attitude!
Going against the odds is Lu Beihai’s determination to truly move forward and leave no room for retreat!
Then, when the last step fell, there was no Lu Beihai, no magic sword, and no sword evil spirit. All of them converged into a mysterious light. This mysterious light cut off another magic sword and shattered another sword. Qi penetrates the heart of another person.
/Not counting the deliberate hiding of clumsiness in the past and the failure at the reception and banquet.
This was Lu Beihai’s real attempt to gain fame in a gathering of cultivators.
Therefore, Lu Beihai chose the most “safe” way to take action, which was to condense all his experience into one line without reservation, and then use a flash of time to tell the difference between life and death!
Looking at it now, the effect is very clear.
All the cultivators were astonished.
/Even Daozi, the leader of Chengqian’s lineage, let out a sharp roar at this time.
The reason why the leader Daozi did not take action was not because of Chu Weiyang’s constant teasing words just now, which wanted to leave someone who could make the decision for Jianzong, but because the leader Daozi had already lost half a move to Lu Beihai on the way here. Knowing that he was outmatched, he taught the younger brother with better attack methods to take action.
But who would have known that what would come his way would be an even more unexpected defeat.
In just one breath, the fight has come to an irreversible end.
As a result, Daozi, the leader, had all kinds of sad and complicated emotions, and then made a sharp roar.
However, in such a situation and such a reaction, th