ious about is, “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” is obviously a poem about chanting the moon. Why didn’t Xianyu release it during the Mid-Autumn Festival and had to wait until December?”

“It’s easy.”
Someone immediately answered: “Maybe the lyrics were written by Xian Yu in September, but he hadn’t composed the music at that time, so the song “Ten Years” was released first.”
Someone else wondered:
“It is obvious that “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” expresses the author’s longing for someone. Who is Xianyu missing?”
No one can answer this question.
What arouses everyone’s interest the most is the phrase “it’s always cold at high places” in the poem.
Some people think this sentence has a literal meaning, but more people understand it as Xianyu’s self-expression:
“If it’s true, then Xianyu is really too arrogant.”
“Xianyu is a young man, and young people are bound to be arrogant and arrogant. Moreover, Xianyu has the capital to be proud of.”
“I think Xianyu may be feeling sorry for his peers. He is not at the top in the music world, but for his peers, he is indeed at the top. Such a person may not have friends because he is too powerful. It’s so awesome that no one else can match it.”
“Xianyu certainly doesn’t have any friends, but he probably doesn’t have many friends. Just look at the people in his tribe who follow him.”
“This sentence makes sense. The Xianyu tribe only pays attention to Chu Kuang and Shadow, and these two people happen to be very outstanding figures in their respective fields.”
Interpretation intensifies.
Someone even said later that “I hope we can live thousands of miles together to share the beauty of the moon” was Xianyu expressing his expectations for the future of the merger of all Blue Stars.
/Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we can still share a bright moon.
“You must know that the bright moon cannot be shared by everyone. Because of the time difference, the day in Qin happens to be the night in Yan. It is impossible for Xianyu as a modern person not to understand this truth, but he still wrote this, which shows that he It is to express a point of view: the geographical distance and cultural differences between continents are not a problem. After all, we all share the same Blue Star, so the Chanjuan here may not only refer to the moon, but also the entire Blue Star.”
/This view is recognized by many people.
The more the results are analyzed, the more netizens feel that the lyrics of “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” are more profound than everyone imagined, which indirectly contributed to the further popularity of the song.
And at home at that time.
Even the elder and younger sisters stared at Lin Yuan with gossipy faces: “Why did you write the poem “May I Live Longer”? Who are you thinking about? Are you in love?”
Lin Yuan:
Most of the stories in Mingming songs are made up by the lyricists and have no specific sources.
But everyone seems to think that the lyrics of “Shui Tiao Ge Tou” did not come out of thin air, but must be some kind of self-expression by Lin Yuan. Everyone also likes to