r a few more days. It was not until he was 100% sure that the Zerg had given up the search for this area that he took back the artifact ‘Phantom Necklace’. As for the artifact ‘Sneak Crown’, he still Leave it in the divine pattern formation in the space crack.

At least he won’t take back the artifact ‘Sneaking Crown’ until he rearranges the formal divine pattern hiding array.
This was David’s most important safety point, and he could never be too careful.
For safety reasons, he even stopped the operation of the underground base in the territory of the demigod ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ clone, hiding all aura.
These days, what David heard most in the Zerg contact network was the Zerg’s crazy explorations in various places. This time the ‘Mother Queen’ was completely angry, and it mobilized all the Zerg that could be mobilized.
Even the Zerg under the clone of the demigod ‘Golden-winged Beetle King’ went on a search mission because of the order of the ‘Mother Queen’.
David also allowed five demigod clones to come to the ‘Zerg World Safe Point’ through the portal, and he collected the demigod clones into the ‘Artifact Space Card’.
His ‘artifact space card’ also brought the black dragon Alexis and two Zerg god-level clones, opening a space wormhole and returning to the divine world.
Coming out of the underground of Garmi Star, David was transported directly to the space castle at the space gate of the chaotic star field through the planet-level portal.
“Sir, you are here!” Annabelle Legend saw David, smiled, stepped forward and bowed.
If there’s anyone here who’s happiest, it’s Annabelle Legend.
Now that David’s status has improved, the one who will benefit the most is the Annabelle legend.
Previously, Annabelle Legend was wanted by the War Temple for betraying the War Temple.
Just because of the protection of David, even if the Temple of War knew that Annabelle Legend was in Garmis, it would be difficult to go to Garmis to capture her.
But the Annabelle legend is also subject to great restrictions and cannot be walked out in public.
This is actually very uncomfortable for Annabelle Legend who loves to make friends.
The only places where Annabelle Legend could stay were on Garmis, Lord Arthur’s remaining territories, and Lord Harold’s territory. She was worried about causing trouble for her friends when she went to other places.
Because once the Temple of War knows about the traces of Annabelle Legend, it is likely to implicate friends.
Not everyone has the ability to fight against the War Temple. Lord Arthur also paid a high price for fighting against the War Temple.
/But now it is completely different. Just a few days ago, the War Temple lifted the wanted order for Annabelle Legend.
This means that Annabelle Legend can move freely in the divine world without having to worry about the threat of the War Temple.
Annabelle Legend naturally knows why this is for, and anyone can see Lord Arthur’s current relationship with the five gods.
The black dragon Alexis, who followed Lord Arthur, even participate