in the entire divine world who understood how terrifying David was.

The five god-level clones only have weak combat power, and the most powerful portable combat power is the combat clone.
Even the black dragon Alexis didn’t dare to fight the battle clones. The battle clones should not have appeared at all, because the resources wasted on the battle clones were enough to cultivate a dozen gods.
Due to the loss of the ‘God of Death”s divine will, the aura of the ‘God of Death’ temple is rapidly declining.
David quickly put away the five god-level clones, and the black dragon Alexis also shrank and returned to his shoulders.
If it were a little later, the ‘God of Death’ temple would completely lose its temple effect, and it would not be able to conceal the god-level aura, and David’s five god-level clones would be exposed.
At this time, the aura outside the ‘God of Death’ temple had shrunk to a very small area.
David’s spirit swept through the Temple of Death and found more than one hundred and twenty believers of Death, among whom he saw fifth-level bishop Jervis and another fifth-level bishop.
When his mind swept over the unknown fifth-level bishop, David recognized the fifth-level bishop Lockhart through his face.
Now the two fifth-level bishops of the ‘Death God’ are complete, and David does not need to spend any more energy searching for them.
In the temple, more than one hundred and twenty believers of the ‘God of Death’ were still chanting the ‘God of Death’ “Book of Gods” devoutly, without noticing any changes in the temple.
Only two fifth-level bishops discovered something was wrong. The statue of the ‘God of Death’ they prayed to had lost its luster, like a dead thing.
At the same time, all the divine pattern formations that can be activated in the Temple of Death are automatically closed. This is due to the loss of energy supply.
Originally, there was a lot of faith power accumulated in the ‘God of Death’ temple, which could at least keep the divine pattern array for a long time. However, the power of faith used by the ‘God of Death’ to descend was all the power of faith in the temple. In a short period of time, The battle completely consumed the power of faith in the temple.
The fifth-level Bishop Jervis and the fifth-level Bishop Lockhart looked at each other, and each saw despair in the other’s eyes.
At this moment, David’s spiritual power entered the temple and broke the necks of all the ‘God of Death’ believers.
Shadow Attendant flew over and absorbed all the souls into his body.
David’s spirit enveloped the ‘God of Death’ temple, and his ‘underground stealth’ talent was activated, separating the ‘God of Death’ temple from the earth, and then took the ‘God of Death’ temple into space.
/Just after the ‘God of Death’ temple was put away, the shield holding the water above collapsed, and the water poured down.
Before the water hit him, David activated his ‘sky breaking’ talent and left.
In the small world of ‘Death’, the ‘Death’ is sitting on a throne made of bones, looking extremely ug