word” prerequisite.

When David activated the ‘Deadly Draw’, he also turned off the ‘Rule of Speed’ energy. He did not dare to use the ‘Deadly Draw’ with the ‘Rule of Speed’ energy turned on. Not only would he not be able to kill the enemy, but he would directly commit suicide.
Before turning off the energy of ‘Speed ??Rule’, David moved ten meters. Don’t underestimate these ten meters. Just a distance of ten meters made the sudden attack of ‘Titan Golden Armor King’ lose its target. Use ‘Fatal’ for him. Draw the knife and gain a glimmer of initiative.
The sword light flashed, and under the stimulation of ‘Fatal Draw’, the energy accumulated in the ‘Artifact Knight’s War Sword’ exploded instantly, and the ‘Artifact Knight’s War Sword’ popped out of its scabbard and thrust forward.
‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ never thought that David could resist. Most of its attention was on the black dragon Alexis, and a small part of its attention was on the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’.
The little legendary level was not taken seriously by the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, as it had seriously injured David with a casual blow.
Thinking about the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, it will be the same this time. As long as it catches David, it can escape with David.
But the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ never expected that David would resist, and when it attacked, David would strangely change his position.
/The target of the ‘Artifact Knight’s War Sword’ attack is the position below and to the left of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ that has been protected by the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
Perhaps because of the active attack, or because he felt that David was not a threat, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ did not closely protect the lower left position.
David felt that the ‘Artifact Knight’s War Sword’ in his hand had pierced the golden armor of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’. The golden armor was broken without any resistance, and the energy exploded from ‘Deadly Sword’ completely poured into the ‘ Titan’s golden armored emperor’s wound.
David did not continue to attack. It was a fluke that he could hurt the god-level ‘Titan Golden Armor King’. He had no idea of ??killing the god-level one with one sword. He only relied on the ‘Artifact Knight Sword’ to pierce the ‘Titan Golden Armor’. Due to the resistance of the Emperor’s golden armor muscles, he knew that with his current strength alone, he could not kill the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.
The white energy feather wings instantly enveloped David’s body, which is why he had the courage to thrust out a sword.
As soon as the energy feather wings protected David, the feet of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ slapped on David’s energy feather wings.
David felt his whole body shake, and there was a sound of muscle collapse in his body, and his internal organs were also violently shocked.
The black dragon Alexis arrived, and the dragon’s claws clawed hard at the back of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’, and the terrifying force staggered the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’.