“Forgive me, leader!” Yuan Shao started to do it and pointed. Kagome’s back, asked: “What’s the matter with the injury on your back?”

“Forgive me, leader!” Yuan Shao started to do it and pointed. Kagome’s back, asked: “What’s the matter with the injury on your back?”
It turned out that Kagome’s smooth jade back was actually covered with large and small scars. Although they had been modified, Yuan Shao could tell at a glance It was obvious that they were whip marks. After all, she was the woman she had played with, and she had so many whiplash wounds on her back. How could she turn a blind eye.
“This, this”
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” Suddenly, Kagome cried, shaking her delicate body.
Yuan Shao twitched his beard and sighed. After all, he was a man. How could a woman see it? He seemed to feel that his tone just now was inappropriate, so he went over to help Kagome up and asked the situation in a soft voice.
Kagome cried for a while and then recounted her experience.
After listening to Kagome’s narration, Yuan Shao’s face was filled with frost and he hummed heavily.
“Good Gongsun Zan!”
It turned out that it was Gongsun Zan who was greedy for the beauty in front of him and wanted to possess her, so he arrested her as a spy and forced her to submit. She was unwilling to submit to Gongsun Zan who was “not a great hero and a man.” “Disciple”, he was whipped, and he escaped after losing all his great achievements. Then he became a female camp dancer. She had the honor to dance for the leader of the alliance. Seeing that the leader of the alliance was a great hero, she felt longing for her.
That’s probably it.
As for the many details, Kagome revealed them with exquisite words. Moreover, since Kagome can appear in Yuan Shao’s camp, there is naturally a careful arrangement, and Yuan Shao is not afraid of getting suspicious and finding out any clues. Don’t forget that Chihuahua and Eisna are under Yuan Shao’s command.
“Huh, Gongsun Zan!” Yuan Shaoyou snorted. It was obvious that he had been dissatisfied with Gongsun Zan for a long time. It was natural that he had Gongsun Zan’s shadow in today’s rescue incident!
“Don’t cry, beauties. His Japanese leader wants Gongsun Zan to be good-looking!”
Kagome shook her head fiercely, “I’m afraid that the leader is a great hero with great ambitions. How can I turn against Master Gongsun because of my slave? I can’t blame him for his death.”
Of course Yuan Shao It is impossible to be an enemy of Gongsun Zan because of Kagome, but even without Kagome he would not make it easier for Gongsun Zan. But in fact, Kagome has silently interfered with Yuan Shao’s decision-making.
Under Yuan Shao’s comfort, Kagome finally burst into tears and smiled, ready to devote herself to repay the great kindness. Yuan Shao suddenly showed his ambition and stopped drinking. He laughed and threw Kagome on the couch, “Beauty, I want you to know how powerful this alliance leader is!”
/The next ten days or so passed not only peacefully, but also very peacefully.
The reason why there is no peace is for the alliance of princes and Dong Zhuo’s army.
As a result, clouds and rain suddenly began to rise in Wushan, but no o