the staff at the registration desk.

“Invincible, how about you sign up for a single-player competition? If you lose, in addition to the points reward, there will also be training resource rewards, usually a certain amount of second-level enhanced meat, and sometimes there will even be third-level enhanced meat rewards.” James encouraged David.
“You mean the real-world training resource rewards?” David asked with a thought.
“Of course they are cultivation resources in the real world. It is useless to give you a bunch of enhanced meat in the virtual world.” James replied with a smile.
“Okay, I’ll sign up for the singles competition, but I still have to go to class, so I’m afraid I won’t have time to participate!” David said helplessly after he had just agreed.
“Don’t worry, the competitions are all held at night, and it is equally difficult for others to find time to participate during the day!” James said to David with a smile, and then said to the registration staff: “Sign him up for the singles competition!”
The staff confirmed it and entered the information of the two people.
David soon saw two rows of text appearing in front of him, indicating successful registration for the Lenka Cup double team competition and successful registration for the Lenka Cup single player competition.
/Just as he was checking the information, a stream of new information poured in.
“Challenge from Bao Xiong 1865!
Challenge from Justus!
Challenge from Mobile Steel 172!
David received no less than fifty challenge messages, which made him stunned. What’s going on?
“Invincible, why are you dazed? We have signed up. I will take you to try sparring and let you get familiar with the virtual fighting method!” James patted David and said.
“Haifeng, I received a bunch of challenge letters here!” David turned to look at James and said.
“It’s not surprising. With this name, there will be challenge letters wherever you go. You can ignore it. Your points will not be reduced if you don’t accept the challenge. But it’s a good thing if someone challenges you!” James looked around. He knew these challenges. Where did it come from, he said with a smile.
“Can you get points if you win the challenge?” David heard what James said, so he made some guesses.
“Yes, you will get 1 point if you win the challenge at the same level, and lose 0.5 points if you fail. If you fail, your points will be negative points, and you will not be able to receive free equipment unless you start from Spending credits to clear it is the only way to use credits to affect your points.
If the level-up challenge is successful, the level up is 2 points and the level up is 3 points. “James continued to explain.
“What do points do? I haven’t seen anything that points can buy.” David asked again.
“Only if you have enough points to purchase the item, the item will be displayed. Your points are 0, so of course you cannot see it.
Points can be used to purchase many things in the virtual world, such as your own room in the virtual world, customized equipment, purchase of t