possible, it is worth giving it a try. It would be beneficial to bring the two siblings together. The Zhong family is very powerful, and they will definitely not suffer from an alliance.

If Lao Zhong did not come back, one possibility was that he was hunted down. In the end, he abandoned the rescue capsule and lost contact with the outside world.
Another possibility is that he didn’t come back on purpose and stirred up enough trouble, waiting for a group of old guys to go crazy and clear the way. He wanted to fish in troubled waters and had a grand plan.
He has always felt that this old guy is a ruthless person. If he doesn’t move, he will be violent. If he moves, he will be earth-shattering and will do big things.
Since he dared to be so crazy, he might not dare to fight big. When a group of old men were stimulated and joined forces to attack the secret land, he took advantage of the situation to pick the fairy grass.
Zhao Qinghan smiled and said: “The probability of him returning to Xinxing is more than 80%, and the probability of him still being in the secret land is less than 20%. Therefore, we don’t have to think so much and just strive to form an alliance with the Zhong family. ”
She thinks that Lao Zhong is a top master in the field of old arts, and if he is still in the secret land, he will make a lot of money.
/Wang Xuan nodded, but he was thinking in his heart that after entering the secret land, he would think of ways to improve himself. If he advanced to another level, he would be a grand master!
And if the collection of rare objects in the secret place goes smoothly, he may directly break through to the extraordinary realm.
At that time, the immortals will return to the immortals, and the human beings will return to Wang Xuan. Lao Zhong, no matter who dares to act like a monster, just go away and cool off.
Wang Xuan showed Zhao Qinghan the contract of the Xinyuan Expedition Team and said that the survival rate of this team was very high.
Goddess Zhao smiled at the first glance. Regardless of the image, her long snow-white legs were swinging. She told Wang Xuan directly that this was a scam.
The Xinyuan Expedition Team is the vest of a certain chaebol, mainly because they are having difficulty recruiting people, so they made this move.
Wang Xuan’s face suddenly darkened. Was his earliest judgment correct? A group of liars formed a group to deceive him.
/Those people were very impassioned last night, saying that even though Lao Zhong was over 100 years old, he was still struggling. What reason did they have for not taking action to try to change his life?
Now it seems that this group of die-hard liars have completely targeted him, otherwise they wouldn’t work so hard!
Although Wang Xuan has always been very vigilant, never believed them, and never stood out in the group, he still feels angry now. For many days, this group of people had been acting, thinking that they would be able to trick him into going to a secret place and identify him!
“Whose vest is it from?”
Zhao Qinghan looked at him