iang reminded him in a low voice: “Team Gao, Team Gao.”

iang reminded him in a low voice: “Team Gao, Team Gao.”
/Gao Changxing calmed down and shouted hurriedly: “Stand up!”
With a crash, more than 30 students stood up like primary school students.
Although the training contents are different, they are still teachers, standing on the podium to teach, and can enter the state in advance. Han Bo put down his bag and said with a smile: “Please sit down.”
“Sit down!”
Everything that needs to be said has been said. Every student has a set of books used by Wang Yan and others for their review. The materials collected by the trustee from the pilot areas were also copied and distributed to everyone.
The master brings them in, and cultivation depends on the individual. Whether they can pass the exam in the future depends entirely on whether they work hard, and also depends on each person’s luck.
In the pilot area, the interview is a very important part, and everyone responded unanimously: “Yes!”
“Don’t waste time, let’s officially start.”
There were too few interviewers, so he randomly asked two students to sit next to him.
“Wu Yongliang.”
With so many people watching, Wu Yongliang was a little embarrassed and said with a smile: “Han Bureau, let others come first.”
“Be serious.”
Han Bo glared at him and said seriously: ” Be clear, this is related to whether you can become an official public security officer! You think the interview is just sitting down and answering questions, no, the interview is the examiner’s comprehensive evaluation of you as a person. When your name is called, answer loudly “Yes” , arrange your clothes, strode in, stand at attention and salute, let the examiner see your energy, this will increase your impression points.”
“Come again, Wu Yongliang.”
Responded loudly, with a strong breath. Perfect, straighten your clothes, walk to the “interviewer”, stand at attention and salute.
This time it was finally interesting. Han Bo pointed to the chair and motioned for him to sit down. He opened a small book and pretended that the interviewer was looking at his personal information. He then picked up his pen and asked: “Comrade Wu Yongliang, please give a brief introduction.” Your experience and why you want to apply.”
“Report to the leader, I was born in October 1996. I was transferred from the Security Section Economic Police Detachment of the State-owned Silk Weaving Factory to the Patrol Squadron of the Sigang County Public Security Bureau; in February 1997, I was transferred from the Patrol Squadron He was transferred to the Public Security Squadron of Liangzhuang Branch of Sigang County Public Security Bureau and has been working there until now.”
The answer was quite satisfactory, but not concise enough. The time to answer this question should be controlled within 3 minutes.
Han Bo took notes and asked: “Comrade Wu Yongliang, what major achievements have you made since you started working, and what commendations have you received?” “What achievements have
you made during your previous studies? What have yo