u Qinglian that he and Liu Changan were the same kind of people, Wu Qinglian was obviously shocked and then fell silent.

After all, Wu Qinglian knew very well the identity and status of Fujiwara Kuai, and he himself was not qualified to receive such high praise from Fujiwara Kuai.
Of course, this is just talk. Fujiwara Kuai thinks Liu Changan is interesting, but the objective reality is that status has brought about a huge gap and gap.
Sometimes, no matter how “similar” they are, the difference is the analogy between Einstein and a stupid elementary school student.
“Why do you call me Dragon Lord?” Liu Changan asked in confusion. Fujiwara Kuai tried to pursue Zhou Shuling and told Liu Changan the story of dragon. These two stupid things left a deep impression on Fujiwara Kuai.
Many things have a good starting point, but if you choose the wrong execution object, it will look stupid. This is one of the reasons why the phrase “I also have good intentions” sounds extremely disgusting.
“We met in a bookstore last time and discussed the story about dragons saving ancient humans.” Fujiwara Kuai humbly helped the other party recall. In fact, it was not a discussion, but Fujiwara Kuai’s unilateral narration.
Considering that the other party, as a Chinese, did not know the legends of his ancestors, it would be a bit embarrassing for Fujiwara Kui to tell them, so Fujiwara Kui used the word “discuss”.
“Oh, because I said I was the dragon, so you call me Dragon Lord.” Liu Changan understood.
/“Just a little joke.” Fujiwara Kuai smiled.
“Are you kidding me? I really am that dragon.” If he were not the dragon, then how could it look stupid for Fujiwara Kui to tell Liu Changan the dragon story?
The smile on Fujiwara Kuai’s face stopped for a moment. Is this “as long as I’m not embarrassed, you will be the one who is embarrassed”? In Fujiwara Kuai’s social environment, he is really not good at this.
It’s just that this man is actually close to the two eldest ladies of Gunsha, whom even Fujiwara Kuai has to pay attention to, so the smile on Fujiwara Kuai’s face has not dissipated now.
Of course, Fujiwara Kui’s information on Liu Changan was just paying attention to the other party’s social circle. He would not really investigate whether Liu Changan might be the dragon.
The last time in the bookstore, Fujiwara Kui saw Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong attacking each other with a soft, tongue-like ice cream in their mouths.
“Long-kun, that’s why I call you Dragon-kun.” Fujiwara Kuai easily resolved the other party’s nonsensical conversational style.
Why did such a man attract Qin Yanan and Zhu Juntang to frequent him? This is still a mystery. Is it just because of Liu Changan’s excellent appearance? Absolutely impossible.
“Now that you have recognized my true identity, let me ask you a question frankly. Do you know what the ultimate harmony of life means?” Liu Changan said looking at the faint smile on Fujiwara Kui’s face.
/In fact, people who always have a smile on their face feel good when you first get in touch with them,