e was an invasion of sword intent. At the critical moment, the galaxy sword grid he laid out blocked it, and the lines of Yu Daohua rose up to resist the erosion.

This woman is a bit difficult to deal with. She specializes in people’s heads and wants to kill the soul. In fact, she has no body herself and is not good at fighting against flesh and blood.
She slashed her sword across the air, and what fell was not only the sword light, but also a spiritual realm, which distorted time and space, pulling Wang Xuan’s soul, trying to drag him into a special golden world.
Wang Xuan’s eyebrows glowed extremely brightly. He used the Wordless Art to instantly dim the golden spiritual realm, and at the same time, partially extinguish the sacred light on her body.
The light of his fist hit, and with a bang, it flooded the front again.
The woman dispersed silently. This time she didn’t disappear completely enough. Her blood-gold armor, red combat boots, etc. all exploded in the light of the fist.
In fact, these did not hurt her much. She was transformed by Daoyun and simulated the soul. She is now more like a pure spiritual body.
With a swipe sound, a pair of her sword wings swept towards Wang Xuan, and she held the spiritual sword in both hands and immediately slashed Wang Xuan’s head.
Wang Xuan used the Wordless Art to weaken the light of her soul. She dimmed for an instant. However, her reaction was so quick that her mind and thoughts moved faster than lightning.
/She performed a time and space jump, disappeared from the place, and then shouted in mid-air: “Behead!”
This time, Wang Xuan’s sword light and fist light shot up into the sky at the same time, tearing apart the sky. This terrifying combat power would definitely frighten those who had broken the limit five times when exposed to the outside world.
However, the woman was amazing. After a word of beheading, she disappeared out of thin air. When she reappeared, she had re-condensed the Tao Yun to form a spiritual body, trying to be reflected and revealed in Wang Xuan’s head.
A pure spiritual invasion, the light of the soul sword is extremely frightening!
This method is a bit outrageous. If it were someone else, it would be impossible to guard against it, and its spiritual body could be manifested at will within a limited range.
This time, Wang Xuan severely injured the woman.
However, he was really shocked just now.
Silently, he used the word “you”, and a flower of vision in the spiritual realm swayed and grew beside the woman, making her suddenly stunned.
A ray of primordial spirit sword light passed by, and he beheaded the woman. Then, billions of strands of primordial spirit sword energy completely destroyed her spiritual body!
“I am dead, please rest in peace.” He said.
Then, Wang Xuan pondered, this woman was indeed very strong, and if she had not died that year, she would definitely have entered the spiritual “Ultimate Realm”.
She can use this field to become the supreme true immortal!
The woman Daoyun simulated is not yet a real supr