and Yudie is missing.

and Yudie is missing.
I didn’t lose to the terrible adventure, but I lost to the loneliness.
/“Bang!” There was a sound from behind, like the sound of a car door closing. Maybe someone drove by on the small road behind me. In the past, the fat man always took me when I went out. He said that when he got rich and got a car, he would travel with me all over China to see how beautiful and prosperous our land of China is.
A series of footsteps got closer and closer, and then they seemed to be standing behind me.
“Shanzi.” I seemed to hear the fat man’s voice.
“Brother Shan.” I seemed to hear Luo Qiong’s silly cry.
I turned around, a bright smile bloomed on my face at this moment, and I seemed to see the two people who should be standing behind me, but under the dim light, they were strangers.
I drank too much and had an empty dream.
“Brother Shan, we were sent by Senior Jiayi to inform you that you will have a meeting at the base tomorrow. Because I haven’t been able to get through to your mobile phone, I came to inform you in person.” The little brother in front of me said politely. I touched the phone in my pocket. The cell phone turned out to be out of battery.
“Oh, I got it.”
The car drove away. I couldn’t hide the sadness in my heart and smiled stupidly. My mouth was full of alcohol and I looked at the car lights in the distance. I slowly lowered my head and covered my eyes with my hands, like shrimps. Get dressed. The sadness finally rolled in my heart, like a huge wave, ruthlessly sucking me into the bottomless darkness.
The next day, when I went to base 507 in Shanghai, I saw Uncle Jia but not Old Man Tao. I asked curiously: “Why is it only you,old man? Where is Senior Tao?”
“He stayed in Beijing. I asked you to come here to discuss the following plans with you. Now you have successfully passed the re-election, but obviously There is a shortage of manpower. Li Huang and Ying Long should also take advantage of Deputy Director Xia’s car to enter the re-election. This so-called primary election is actually nonsense. It was originally a move by Deputy Director Xia to target you, but it seems that he still I underestimated you.” Uncle Jia said.
/“You want to add more manpower to me?” I have already heard the key point of Uncle Jia’s words.
“I have this idea. Maybe I can allocate the No. 2 team as well as the team of Hua Niu and Shi Bing to you. You will have someone to take care of you after you enter the Demon Mountain. What do you think?” Uncle Jia is kind-hearted. But I kept shaking my head and shouted: “No.”
“Well, you can’t let them follow me. This is harming them. The situation must be very complicated after entering the Demon Mountain. Any group of them None of them have the strength to deal with Zhong Ba Ba. If a fierce battle breaks out between Zhong Ba Ba and I, they will die if they can’t stop Zhong Ba Ba.” I said directly without being polite.
“But won’t the former Riyuro follow you when the time comes?”
“He is Japanese and he also carries the talisman of Mensu Ancie