e caught casually were all confused after being thrown to the ground. Is there another true king here? Contrary to King Laozhen’s opinion.

The other great powers in the No. 6 local area were also shocked and worried, and then they all remained silent. The level of the true king was too high. They didn’t know the past of the two kings and couldn’t get involved.
/However, everyone is still a little excited in their hearts. The source of their own background is too deep, and two true kings have been born.
However, in an instant, everyone, including the powerful Lu Breaker, lowered their heads and did not dare to stare into the deep space. Their souls were throbbing. If they continued to observe, they would be broken.
Ordinary extraordinary people were even more frightened, their souls were trembling, and their bodies fell limply to the ground. The true king stood far away and was not targeting them, and they couldn’t even take a quick glance in that direction. If they took one more look, they would be wiped out by themselves.
With a flick of his hand, Wang Xuan cut away the various mysterious ripples radiated by the True King of Machinery. None of them could spread, which immediately relieved the huge pressure on everyone’s souls.
“Mechanical True King, what are you doing? Aren’t you afraid of hurting hundreds of millions of our local people?” Wang Xuan spoke, and his steps were like an era, traveling through time and space, and the ripples of the avenue under his feet turned into one major universe after another, carrying him His true body walked towards the end of deep space.
The local mechanical monster on No. 6 was silent for a moment just now because it had been staring at him, trying to trace its past but failed. However, it felt like this was a strange king who had never had any conflicts before.
It couldn’t bear it anymore. It had determined that this true king had nothing to do with the local area. He shamelessly occupied the magpie’s nest and pretended to be the true king of Source No. 6.
It said coldly: “Who are you? Invading the source where I am, do you want to become a thief of the road? Do you want to fight with me for the road to the end?”
No true king is willing to start a war easily. However, the mysterious true king in front of him has already “stealed” his home. Somehow, he came to the backyard of Source No. 6 and surprised the mechanical true king. He was ready to fight.
In the heavy fog, Wang Xuan said in a deep voice: “Mechanical True King, you are overthinking this. I am living in seclusion for 270 years and watching the ebb and flow of myths. Have I ever argued with you in the past? Even if you are the master of the source, I Not a word was said. Today, I just stopped you because I saw you were not aboveboard enough to prevent you from leading our Source No. 6 astray.”
/For a time, the core executives of Local No. 6 were dumbfounded after hearing this. What kind of ancient creature is this? Perhaps he has personally experienced the tragic disaster of the Yangjiu Realm being extinguishe