Wang Xuan did not move immediately and was very calm. He wanted to further perfect his method of killing enemies.

After all, there are powerful law enforcers, and these are all variables.
He looked down at the dagger in his hand. Is this a flying sword? It didn’t look like it at all, but he wanted to try to see if it could be used as a flying sword.
When he obtained the secret method of Yuan Furnace Forging God on the new moon, he also obtained a sword scripture, which was dug out by the Qin family from the old land of Shu Mountain.
A dazzling sword light flew up, and the dagger was like a rainbow. It slashed out in an instant, cutting off a big tree in front of it.
The so-called control of flying swords mainly relies on strong mental power to control objects.
The Sword Sutra only had a few hundred words, so it was not difficult to understand. After Wang Xuan’s mental power changed, he could easily control the object, but he was convinced that it was not a flying sword, and there was no “Flying Sword Rune” activated.
But his mental strength is extraordinary, and now he can control a spear violently to kill the enemy with no problem.
Although there is no mention of sword control skills, it can be used directly to control flying swords.
Wang Xuan practiced repeatedly in the forest, and became more and more proficient in controlling objects. The dagger turned into a bolt and kept shuttling through the forest, invincible.
He was on the road, heading towards Dixian City.
/Just a few miles out, he saw an extraordinary being, Wang Xuan, emerging from the forest and suddenly appearing in front of him.
“You’re really not dead?!” The extraordinary person was shocked. The alien was clearly forced into the extraordinary hive. How could he survive?
There was something wrong with his words. Someone seemed to have judged in advance that Wang Xuan was not dead!
He turned around and ran away. He had no fighting spirit at all, because this man had even killed people at the life and earth level.
Wang Xuan jumped up, was behind him in an instant, and grabbed him. The other party was also in the Ran Deng realm, but it was far behind him.
“Where are they?” Wang Xuan asked.
“It’s not far away!” This person was quite happy and tried everything. They did evacuate the people outside the hive. It was just a pretense, waiting for him to appear.
Although some people did leave, there are still small centaurs nearby.
/Wang Xuan snapped his neck and threw him into the thorns. He silently walked toward the forest ahead, preparing to kill.
He stood in the jungle and saw some people, distributed in different areas, who were masters of herbal medicine. This was the target he wanted to focus on!
He appeared silently and observed carefully, confirming that there were two powerful herb collectors here. If the rest of them united, they would be quite a threat.
He stared at another herb-picking expert and sneaked over silently, sealing the pores on his body to prevent any energy from leaking out.
This person is also very powerful.