from the fairy world to the underworld, with a panoramic view!

However, he still did not find the ruler of mountains and rivers.
A thin layer of cold sweat broke out on the forehead of the Emperor Changsheng. The mountain, water and sky ruler seemed to have disappeared out of thin air. The brand he had been tempering for hundreds of thousands of years seemed to have been wiped away and could no longer be sensed!
“My supreme magic weapon is here. Just now, the supreme king asked me to be generous. He must have thought of this and I am generous to his grandma!”
The Changsheng Emperor was angry and was really angry. He wanted to find Xu Ying and cut him into pieces, but he hesitated when he remembered the methods of the Supreme Immortal Emperor.
“That’s all, he asked me to be generous, so I will be more generous. If I don’t avenge this revenge, then I promise to take away my mountain, water, and sky ruler. Sooner or later, I will use it. As long as he sacrifices this treasure, I will use it. If he knocks it over, he can take back this treasure.”
/Thinking of this, he felt a little relieved. Xu Ying was just a little monk, the plaything of the Supreme Being. If he was knocked unconscious or killed, the Supreme Being would not fall out with him over this.
“But, how did this kid erase my mark?”
He wondered in his heart, after all, he was also a Daluo Jinxian. What kind of realm was Xu Ying? How could it be possible to erase his mark?
/In Ziwei’s ancestral court, Nan Ziyan shouted from a distance: “Your Majesty, the traitor is here!”
After hearing the news, Empress Ziwei quickly ordered several disciples, saying: “Take all our treasures away and don’t let the thieves see them!”
Several disciples hurriedly hid all kinds of treasures and looked at Nan Ziyan’s boat warily.
Xu Ying jumped off the boat and placed the ruler of mountains and rivers in front of Empress Ziwei.
Empress Ziwei saw this treasure, heard the string and knew its elegant meaning, and said: “Zi Yan, take the teacher’s lamp.”
Nan Ziyan quickly fetched the real glazed lamp from Taicang Cave. Empress Ziwei held the glazed lamp, and a ray of light shone on the ruler of the mountains and rivers. All the imprints that the Changsheng Emperor had worked hard to polish and forged for more than 400,000 years were revealed. Burn.
“What a great magic weapon!”
Empress Ziwei saw that the Shanshui Zhangtian Ruler had not suffered any damage, but was getting brighter and glossier than new. She couldn’t help but admired and said, “The refining of this treasure is the same as the refining method of the Da Luo Wonderful Realm magic weapon in ancient times.” It’s different, could it be the supreme magic weapon?”
He was originally a being in the wonderful realm of Daluo, and his cultivation and practice had reached the ultimate peak. Few people could surpass him, so the difference between the Shanshui Zhangtian Ruler and his magic weapon could be seen at a glance.
This treasure is floating in the air. On one side of the ruler is the celestial scale. Between th