all. As for the ones outside the stone wall, there are probably ten times more!

Moreover, these monsters are not afraid of death. If one of them is killed, more will rush in from outside the stone wall, causing serious casualties to the soldiers.
The most important thing is that high in the sky outside the stone wall, there is a green fox with several tails suspended!
Of course, if Wei Xiaobei hadn’t had excellent eyesight, he wouldn’t have been able to see clearly that the little green dot was a fox.
After all, it is more than two thousand meters from here to where the cyan fox is.
“Nine-tailed fox!”
When Wei Xiaobei saw the green fox, he couldn’t help but scream in surprise.
This nine-tailed fox is famous both in the Classic of Mountains and Seas and in ancient Chinese legends.
“The country of Qingqiu has many jade in its yang and many green eagles in its yin. There is a beast, its shape is like a fox with nine tails, its sound is like a baby, it can eat people, and those who eat it are not poisonous.”
This nine-tailed fox comes from Qingqiu.
It is said that this nine-tailed fox can turn into an extremely gorgeous woman to seduce men, absorb men’s yang energy, and possess extremely powerful magic power.
“It only has six tails.”
/Just when Wei Xiaobei was excited when he saw the green fox, he heard a slightly elegant voice not far away.
Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw that it was Zhao Tong, Zhao Yun’s eldest son.
/“Tong, I’ve met my second uncle.”
When Zhao Tong saw Wei Xiaobei turning his head, he hurriedly stepped forward to greet him.
Wei Xiaobei nodded, but Zhao Tong’s condition didn’t look very good. His left arm was hung on his chest by a cloth strip, and it looked like he was injured.
“How is this going?”
Wei Xiaobei saw that although the battle on the stone wall was fierce, the soldiers were able to stabilize the situation, and the officers above Sima did not take any action, so he was not in a hurry, and then pointed at Zhao Tong’s injured arm and asked.
It turned out that Zhao Tong fought with a monster yesterday, and one of his arms was accidentally grabbed by the opponent. However, the monster was also killed by Zhao Tong, so Zhao Tong did not suffer a loss.
Wei Xiaobei was a little worried, and then asked Zhao Tong to unbandage his injured arm and took a look. He said that the recovery was good. After all, with Zhao Tong’s strength, it would take more than a week for the broken arm to grow back.
Well, even so, Wei Xiaobei helped Zhao Tong clean the wound again and took out some potions for him to take.
After re-bandaging Zhao Tong’s injured arm, Wei Xiaobei was a little curious about the six-tailed fox that Zhao Tong had mentioned before, so he asked about it.
After Zhao Tong thanked Wei Xiaobei, he told the story.
The green fox indeed only had six tails, and Wei Xiaobei could see them if he looked closely.
In Zhao Tong’s words, the six-tailed fox was not very powerful, and even he could kill it easily.
And the six-tailed fox is the mastermind behind the invasion of these monst