He laughed and said: “After I calculated the immortal destiny of Penglai, I immediately went to sea. Not long after, I met Penglai. The goddess of Penglai was waiting for me on the mountain and said that I was destined to Penglai. After I passed the catastrophe of Penglai, I became The immortals who live here finally no longer have to live in polluted places like Wangxiang Terrace.”
Xu Ying was extremely shocked and murmured: “Not long after we went to sea, we met Penglai?”
Yuan Tiangang nodded: “It’s easy to find.”
Xu Ying asked: “Did you encounter anything strange on the road?”
Yuan Tiangang shook his head: “I didn’t encounter anything strange.”
He felt a little uneasy and squeezed the black lotus curse in his hand.
Penglai now is like a ship floating on the sea. Now that I step on this ship, I wonder if Penglai will capsize?
However, he must go to see the Penglai Immortal Lord no matter what!
More importantly, he still had to see the goddess!
Yuan Tiangang led him up the mountain and said with a smile: “There are many immortals in Penglai. Although they are not real immortals, they live forever and live as long as the sky. Fellow Taoist Xu, if you look up, you can see the sun in the immortal world.”
Xu Ying looked up and saw a golden sun hanging in the sky. The vitality of heaven and earth emanating from the sunshine of the golden sun was extremely strong!
Not only that, there were also wisps of fairy energy falling from the sky, spreading towards Penglai.
“Becoming an immortal in Penglai Wonderland, you can practice here and get twice the result with half the effort.”
/Yuan Tiangang smiled and said, “Every immortal in Penglai has extremely advanced cultivation, no less than a fisherman.”
Yuan Tiangang nodded and sighed: “More than amazing? I don’t know when I will be able to practice to their level.”
Penglai Fairy Mountain is not so much a mountain as it is a fairy island composed of undulating fairy mountains. The roots of the fairy island plunge into the sea, and half of it floats on the water. If it were not tied by chains, it would probably fly to the sky. go!
There are also smaller fairy mountains floating on the huge fairy mountain mother body. A fairy palace is built on the big mountain, and only one or two houses can be built on the small hill.
There are about a hundred fairy mountains, large and small, floating in the sky above the mother mountain.
These small fairy mountains, together with the mother mountain, are called Penglai Fairyland.
/“The Abbot Immortal Mountain is so small, and the Penglai Immortal Mountain is so big, it’s really strange.” Xu Ying admired.
He followed Yuan Tiangang to the heights, and the Black Tortoise was still pulling the fairy mountain toward the coast.
“Some people call this ocean the Heavenly Sea. It means that the sea in the sky falls into the mortal world and is connected with the seas in the heavens and all the worlds, forming a vision of the sea connecting all the worlds.”
Yuan Tiangang smiled and said, “Some people say that a certain part of