ered: “You two are thinking deeply about my sword gate being built at the tomb of our ancestor. Do you think my sword heart is blind?”

When the big bell was exposed by it, he became angry and shouted: “A gentleman does not care about his heart when it comes to his deeds. There is no saint in the world! You can’t see what we think. Thinking and doing are different. You want to see what we do!”
Xu Ying greatly agreed: “That’s right! If we didn’t do it, you can’t cut it!”
The sword boy couldn’t help but get angry: “If I didn’t get rid of these thoughts of yours, you would have dug up the ancestor’s grave long ago!”
The big clock was furious and clanged angrily: “Then we have to wait until we do it to eliminate our evil thoughts. We can’t do it before we do it!”
Xu Ying praised: “Master Zhong said it well! You have to catch us before we can cut it. If we don’t catch it, it doesn’t count as stealing!”
The sword boy was still about to argue with them, but Shi Yuqing quickly stopped them and said: “Sword Ancestor, Uncle Aying is the Supreme Elder and the master of the sword after all, so what’s the big deal if he digs up a few ancestors’ graves?” of?”
She said to Xu: “Which ancestor’s tomb is your uncle interested in? Just go and do it, I will help your uncle look out for the wind.”
When she said this, Xu Ying felt a little embarrassed to take action.
When the sword boy saw this, he secretly praised in his heart: “The ancestors of the past generations are indeed very discerning in selecting Yu Qing as the current leader.”
In the mountains of ancient Shu, an elk stepped on five-colored clouds and galloped through the mountains.
/The elk ran wildly, and quickly escaped for thousands of miles. Suddenly it plunged into the deep forest and turned into a corpse and fell down.
/A sword light burst out from the elk carcass, shattering the elk into pieces.
At the same time, a figure rushed out from the deep forest. It was a young man, stepping on the clear river and speeding away. His face was gloomy and uncertain, and he said to himself: “Although I am very careful this time and sneak back to Jianmen, there is no guarantee that I will not be able to escape.” Being targeted by other old guys. Whether we can take back the sword is a small matter, but getting rid of these old guys is a big deal!”
He ran thousands of miles and broke into a fog. The next moment, a divine bird rushed out of the fog and flew away at an extremely fast speed.
After a while, the fog dissipated, and the boy’s body had been destroyed by the sword energy, and his flesh and blood were blurred.
The divine bird flew through the void and flew into a temple. Hidden in the temple was a three-headed and six-armed statue of a god in flesh. The statue suddenly came to life and roared away with the breath of incense.
As for the divine bird, its brain was pierced due to the explosion of sword energy in its body.
The three-headed and six-armed statue rushed to Qixinggang, thousands of miles away, and jumped into the canopy of a sacred tree. There was a bird