peror said solemnly.

“There are hundreds of Netherworld Underworlds in Gu Zhan now, and his worth is not weak. If the Emperor can help Gu, Gu is willing to hand over the governance authority of part of the Nine Nether Underworlds under his command to the Emperor. As for the conditions, we can discuss it!”
Zhang Jian glanced at the Ming Yue Ghost Emperor slightly strangely.
The Yinming Ghost Emperor seemed to be in a hurry and sought medical treatment, so he found his head.
But Zhang Jian was not willing to go out easily at this time.
Not to mention intervening in disputes with the demons outside the world.
Although the governance authority of several Jiuyou underworlds is very tempting.
Zhang Jian said: “Fellow Taoist Ming Yue, my Taoist practice has not been perfected. I am about to practice in seclusion during this period. I’m afraid I can’t help my fellow Taoist!”
“But if fellow Taoist lacks reinforcements, I can submit a message to Heaven and ask Heaven to send another immortal to assist fellow Taoist!”
Ming Yue Ghost Emperor was silent.
/He would not consider asking for help from heaven.
If this were the case, wouldn’t it leave an impression to Tianting and the other Nether Emperors that he was “not capable enough to be the top ten Nether Emperors”.
Among the top ten Nether Emperors, his presence is not very strong.
If I leave such an impression again, I’m afraid it will be difficult.
After hearing this, he immediately had no choice but to stand up and say goodbye.
Seeing him anxiously going to other immortal caves to ask for help, Zhang Jian frowned tightly. The image of the Mingyue Ghost Emperor faintly appeared on the Sansheng Stone deep in the center of his eyebrows, and was shrouded in countless black clouds before gradually disappearing.
This strange omen made Zhang Jian turbulent.
Ming Yue Ghost Emperor may have encountered a fatal disaster, and this disaster may be very dangerous.
Zhang Jian had a premonition that if something happened to Ghost Emperor Mingyue, he might be in trouble too!
“Looks like we have to find a way!”
Zhang Jian didn’t want to be dragged to the front desk to participate in such a dangerous counter-insurgency mission.
/He is a sacred person, and once he goes out, he will most likely face targeted attacks from outside demons.
Zhang Jian was alert, but he did not let his guard down. After his duty was over, he directly entered the Lantai Taoist Palace and went to find ‘Qingxia Taoist Lord’ for discussion.
He rarely enters the Lantai Taoist Palace, but in the face of such dangerous warning signs, he still chooses to take precautions.
The eighth level of the upper realm of heaven
Lantai Taoist Palace.
‘Qingxia Daojun’ was using the pure and flawless incense to practice a new method of great supernatural power. When he sensed Zhang Jian’s request for an audience, his heart moved slightly, and he immediately gave up his seat and invited Zhang Jian in.
In the fairyland, Zhang Jian stepped into it, and soon came to a Taoist platform following the god general in fron