s moment is obviously aimed at the distribution of interests after the war.

Whether they want to admit it or not, the Alpha Kingdom made the greatest contribution to this war, followed closely by the Principality of Moxi and the Warhammer Kingdom.
According to traditional practice, the country that pays the most should also take the largest share of the cake.
There is no doubt that this is only an ideal situation. Countless years ago, this model of fair distribution based on contribution was broken by a group of unruly guys.
This time is no exception. It’s one thing that everyone looks down on the orc prairie, but that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to see the Alpha Kingdom continue to expand into the orc prairie.
If there is a fair distribution, the Alpha Kingdom can take away at least one-third of the orc prairie, which is equivalent to doubling the territory.
Once such a large territory is developed. The Alpha Kingdom is really going to grow bigger, and there is no force in the northern land that can check and balance them.
Even if Caesar III made a promise to give up territorial claims on the Orc Steppe, it still could not reassure everyone.
/It is just a verbal promise and can be voided at any time. What’s more, the Alpha Kingdom does not take any land, which does not mean that the kingdom’s nobles will not participate in dividing the spoils.
Even if a new country is divided, the bones are broken but the tendons are still connected. With its geographical advantage, the Alpha Kingdom can still slowly annex the Orc Steppe.
For the purpose of strategic checks and balances, other major human forces must take action. Originally, everyone was still worried about finding a reason to kick the Alpha Kingdom out, but unexpectedly the opportunity came to their doorstep.
As long as it is confirmed that the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom are involved in reselling strategic materials, then everyone can kick them out naturally.
/Without the leading party, even if the Alpha Kingdom regains its strength, it will be difficult to complete its expansion into the orc prairie under the attention of all major forces.
The inside truth is all Hudson’s personal speculation, and naturally it is impossible to tell it openly.
The nobles present, even if they don’t find the problem now, will slowly figure it out after a while.
But you know, this doesn’t prevent Hudson from using the topic to direct his hatred towards Duke Pias. Since it’s a feud, it’s natural to start with hatred.
Perhaps aware of the unkind looks from everyone, Duke Pias hurriedly explained: “Earl Hudson, I am also confused about this matter.
To be honest, the report to the Alliance has nothing to do with the Locknard family. Even I only found out about it recently.
According to the investigation of Geof, we found that he has been in contact with many forces recently.
The most eye-catching thing is the July Cult Meeting.
Geoff suddenly reported to the Alliance Council without notifying his family. He was probably under the control of a cult organization! ”