order me some desserts and coffee? It wouldn’t be a perfect meal without them?” “

order me some desserts and coffee? It wouldn’t be a perfect meal without them?” ”
Of course. It seems that you maintain a very leisurely eating habit, doctor,” Guo Caiying smiled knowingly when she heard the music, waved to the waitress not far away, ordered two snacks and coffee and said: “Then let me get some dessert and coffee, and let me talk to you about your job. ”
/If Guo Caiying wanted to stay for dessert, other members of the Chinese delegation would not stop her. Of course, in this case, no one would order another dessert or coffee to accompany her.
Sitting across from the girl, the whole During the dinner, a man in his fifties, with a square face and a big mouth, who spoke little but always smiled, stood up first and said: “Director Guo, you are young and can digest everything well. As an old man, my stomach can’t handle sweets, so I can only go back to my room first.
I will ask the comrades from the Religious Affairs Administration to leave two of them later. If there is any new situation, we can contact you by phone at any time. ”
Director Song, among the middle-level cadres of various ministries and commissions, you are at the right time to play a leading role at this age. It is not good for you to serve as an elder.” Guo Caiying also replied jokingly: “Well, if you have any instructions tonight, please call me.” Let me know and see you tomorrow morning if you have nothing to do. ”
Hearing the girl’s polite words, the old man nodded with a brighter smile, turned around and walked towards the door of the restaurant. Everyone except Guo Caiying and Zhang Lisheng naturally followed him and left the restaurant.
“I performed well, right? “Sister,” watching the members of the Chinese mission disappear, Zhang Lisheng smiled proudly at Guo Caiying and asked, “But what about the Taoist priests I saw at noon? Aren’t they eating with you?”
“Originally we ate together, but later the atmosphere between the Taoist priests, monks, mullahs, and your fellow disciples was so solemn that we all felt uncomfortable, so we ate separately. ”
Look at the box over there, haven’t the Taoist disciples all come out? It seems that they have just finished dinner. “Guo Caiying pointed to the private room at the other end of the restaurant and replied. Zhang Lisheng inadvertently looked in the direction of her finger, but his body suddenly froze.
Chapter 578: The Weakness of Gods What
stunned Zhang Lisheng was the intrusion He saw a young woman with slightly dark skin but outstanding appearance. She was smiling and walking with a dozen of the most outstanding young disciples of Taoism, but there was always a hint of sadness in her eyebrows.
Beside the woman, a man, although he was tall and majestic, but his face was obviously still childish. He was at least sixteen or seventeen years old. He was walking in high spirits and said loudly: “Brothers and sisters, as the saying goes, ‘big break, big break’. “Li’, I don’t think this catastrophe has just begun. This is not an opportunity for our Taoist sect to regroup.”