rtal King pointed from the side.

“Not only that, you can also use this ring as a magic guide that can be programmed in advance, and you can apply magic on the portrait.” Dosalun said: “When you switch to the set state, those Magic works just as well.”
Hearing this, the Immortal King became a little uneasy, and he was greatly stimulated by Dosaran’s methods.
“Are these rewards pretty good?” Dosarun asked: “I’m glad to meet you two. If you are free, you are always welcome to come here.”
/“Give me your hand.” The Immortal King said, “I want to take you out.”
Hel subconsciously stretched out his hand, but he immediately remembered that at this moment he was simply an image, an object created by a high-level illusion. Is this useful?
But before he could react, the surroundings returned to darkness again, followed by waves of dizziness.
Opening his eyes in a daze, Hel saw a white ceiling. As his eyes blinked, water rippled slightly in front of his eyes. Only then did Hel realize that his whole body was immersed in liquid.
Although he was immersed in liquid, it did not hinder his breathing at all. The lungs were filled with liquid, which felt very strange.
This is a brewing tank.
Hale sat up slowly.
“You’re finally awake.” A voice of surprise came from the side, and Hel knew it was Xueli without turning around.
/The little girl’s eyes were red and her face was tired, as if she hadn’t slept for several days. She was sitting next to the brewing tank, covered with a thin quilt, and she had obviously been watching all night.
A felt blanket was draped over him.
Hel looked back and saw that it was Anna who put the blanket on him. Anna’s face was equally full of concern and exhaustion.
Suddenly, Hel remembered what the Immortal King said to him in that space. The Immortal King was summoned by Anna and Xue Li.
Hull didn’t know how he came out of that space and how he came back here. He was not interested in finding out these things. They must be magical powers exerted by the Immortal King.
After escaping death, what Hull feels most deeply at this moment is that life is really beautiful.
“I have prepared bath water for you.” Anna said quickly.
Only then did Hull notice that the concoction was sticky and all condensed into strands of blood clots. He had a large area from his chest to his waist, and his skin was as white and delicate as a newborn baby. This must be the souvenir left by that assassination. He was very lucky that he didn’t die from such a big wound.
“How many days has it been since I left?” Hull asked, “How did you know something happened to me?”
“Seven days.” Anna said, “Don’t blame us. We put amulets in your pockets. Once something happens to you, we will know immediately.
“Seven days ago, the amulet suddenly burned to ashes, and we knew something was wrong. When we arrived at the central area, it was sealed off, and the person in charge was the Light Knight Army directly under the Pope. I used ‘Back Time’ to check it out, and I knew You are under siege and you see dissociation being used on you,