“The audience will go crazy if you shoot like this!”
“This magic change is so cruel, the audience will curse us to death!”
Zhao Jue’s face was full of shock.
/The plot behind is outrageous?
She looked at the director: “What’s written in it?”
The director said nothing.
Only then did Zhao Jue notice that the director holding the script seemed to be dumbfounded and just looked at the script in a daze.
“what happened?”
Zhao Jue felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere.
The director raised his head and looked at Zhao Jue, his expression seemed a little confused:
“What’s dead?”
“This woman is crazy to kill”
“I don’t understand, so I just asked if I could film it!”
Zhao Jue is anxious!
The director hesitated for a long time, then suddenly gritted his teeth and said:
“Fuck you!”
Everyone looked panicked: “This script”
“A dead horse is treated as a living horse doctor!”
The director took a deep breath and then said: “Send the script to the actors and start filming the next episode tomorrow. We won’t use the previous script, just use the one written by Chu Kuang!”
The work efficiency of the Blue Star film and television industry is still so high, and it didn’t take long for the newly filmed plot to meet the audience.
at home.
My mother was sitting on the sofa, waiting for the broadcast of “Yang Xiaofan and Qin Tiange”. Although she shouted to abandon the show, she didn’t seem to have completely lost her patience. After all, it was filmed by her son’s company.
“Watch that martial arts drama again.”
My sister spoke while taking a selfie on the balcony.
Mom said casually.
My sister was sitting on the sofa eating fruit with her mother, but her eyes were not on the TV. She was not interested in martial arts dramas.
Lin Yuan was playing with his mobile phone in the room.
He knew that the company had already filmed according to the script he gave him, but he was not sure whether the audience of the magic reform would buy it. After all, this situation was somewhat special.
Zhao Jue has already told Lin Yuan.
If the audience buys it, then it will be announced that the screenwriter of the subsequent plot is Chu Kuang.
If the audience doesn’t buy it, then just pretend it never happened, or at worst, force the plot to return to its original track.
At this time.
The TV series aired.
While this drama is airing.
Many netizens who follow the drama also took advantage of the situation and clicked in through the video website, and there were a few discussions accompanied by barrages.
“I really haven’t watched many dramas. I can only watch this one. Who told me to like Yang Xiaofan so much?”
“This drama is suitable for killing time.”
“Having watched the remake seven or eight times, I don’t have to worry about missing the plot at all. I can tell what happened before and after at a glance.”
“The only motivation that keeps me watching is Qin Tiange’s appearance.”
“This version of Qin Tiange is indeed handsome.”
“The plot is nothi