elder of the human race in the third step of the Supreme Path. In fact, he can only be regarded as a newcomer to the level of the Supreme Dao. However, his foundation is extremely strong. Coupled with Pangu’s true body, he is actually not inferior to the second step of the Supreme Path. Some strong people.

At this time, although he was disgraced by being surrounded and killed, with the powerful offensive and defensive power of Pangu’s true body, he was still able to withstand the attacks of several powerful men, but they were also extremely dangerous.
On the other side, Taoist Chaoyuan had already escaped.
His opponent was originally the “Three Demon Groups” of the demon clan!
Many strong men knew that he was carrying a counterfeit high-grade Houtian Lingbao Xiantian Five Elements Flag, which was difficult to kill, so they just held him back.
/At this time, among the “Three Demon Groups”, Patriarch Kunpeng retreated immediately. Ancestor Poison Dragon and Patriarch Cold God were suppressed by Zhang Jian and immediately escaped from trouble.
He realized at this moment that the opportunity for the three of them to fight back had come.
This time, the three of them not only reversed the killing situation and killed several powerful people from the East Emperor Holy Court, but they also had the opportunity to completely leave these powerful people behind!
At this time, the reincarnation sect ancestor saw that the situation had turned into this, his expression was slightly solemn, and he was also a little shocked and angry.
Thinking of them, there are dozens of strong men from the left and the demon clan.
Among them were the Mother Goddess of Yuan Guang, Master Black Pond, and other peerless experts who had taken the third step on the path, but the result was that the situation turned into this.
It can only be said that the heretics are resisting each other, and ultimately they will not work.
Just seeing that the three of them seemed to want to surround everyone, they immediately sneered.
“Do you think you can keep us here today?”
A long flag appeared in his hand, and the long flag made a roar. In an instant, a magnificent divine energy that penetrated the sky and the earth erupted from the long flag behind him, turning into vast divine power and sweeping towards the three gods.
That is the power of the top innate spiritual treasure, the Reincarnation Divine Banner.
This top-notch innate spiritual treasure actually contains the power of reincarnation in the heavens and is very powerful.
/Zhang Jian’s eyes did not change, but he saw Taoist Chao Yuan next to him suddenly step forward. The five auras of red gold, white, black, and green all over his body were surging. Suddenly, the five-color divine light above his head intertwined and formed a fan shape, sweeping towards the divine light of reincarnation. The light passed by A large swath of the divine power of reincarnation was strangled by the innate five-element divine light, and the innate five-element divine light swept toward him, seeming to absorb the