ng touched the golden rhinoceros and said, “Damn, I’ve gained weight in such a short time. It looks like the food is good.”

At the door of another thatched hut, Zhou Feng was basking in the sun and counting in his mouth. When he saw Wang Meng, he immediately jumped up and said, “You finally came out. This is my improved Lingxu Pill. Come and take a look.” , I don’t know why I always feel like something is wrong.”
Zhou Feng knew that Wang Meng was practicing, so he resisted the urge to call him. The next period of time almost drove him crazy.
Wang Meng poured one out of the jade bottle, and a refreshing coolness spread from his hand. In terms of alchemy alone, Zhou Feng was already quite good at the level of Xiaoqian World.
Wang Meng sniffed, and he also felt that something was wrong. This Lingxu Pill was used to treat people who were possessed by madness. If anything was wrong, it would directly become a fatal poison.
Wang Meng didn’t care and took a bite, which shocked Zhou Feng, but it was too late to stop him. Wang Meng smacked his tongue a few times.
Mo Shan had tasted many elixirs in his previous life. If he wanted to ascend, talent and hard work alone would definitely not be enough. elixirs were also an important part.
“Did you release Shanling’s horn?”
“If you put a little bit, it can be neutralized.”
/“It’s more, a little less would be fine.”
“Oh, that’s it. I’ll try it too.” Zhou Feng also took a bite. It turns out there is such a way. Fortunately, he is an alchemy cultivator. Speaking of which, he really hasn’t tasted his own elixirs.
Wang Meng wanted to stop him, but it was too late.
Elder Zhou savored it carefully and felt the changes in his body. Indeed, oh, why didn’t he think of it earlier!
Gulu, Gulu, Gulu, Gulu, Gulu.
Zhou Feng’s expression suddenly changed, “No, I want it.”
Before he finished speaking, Zhou Feng rushed into the latrine, followed by a series of
Wang Meng shrugged helplessly, not everyone can take pills randomly.
The little fool on the side was mooing and snickering.
Xiao Ben was left to take care of Zhou Feng, while Wang Meng came to Lei Guangtang, wondering what happened to Hu Jing and Zhang Xiaojiang.
Zhang Xiaopang was not found, but Xu Huang called him.
Frankly speaking, Wang Meng is very grateful to Elder Xu in front of him. After all, it was him who brought a boy with a second-level life mark to the temple, and that is why Wang Meng is what he is today. Although there was a misunderstanding later, Wang Meng did not think it was the other person. If it were his fault, it would probably be the same for other people.
“See the elders.”
Xu Huang looked at Wang Meng, his eyes bursting with incredible glare. It was obvious that Wang Meng’s temperament had changed greatly.
“Wang Meng, how many levels have you reached in your cultivation?”
“I have just reached the tenth level of life scars.”
Xu Huang’s body swayed, it was like a ghost.
Wang Meng also saw Xu Huang’s doubts and smiled, “Master, it was Elder Zhou who gave the disciple a lot of spiritual stones.”