Qian and Liu Ruyan each killed an intruder and were exempted from being wanted for one day. Today, they have not appeared on the wanted list. The players in Salt Rock City have no way of knowing that two intruders are coming. Got here.

According to the video recorded before the server was launched, Liu Qian spent half an hour coming to the place where the auxiliary superpower chip with energy level reaching level 4 was located. He found that the place was very heavily guarded and there were people walking around in the whole block. Once Liu Gan approaches, the guards will yell at him to stay away from the neighborhood.
Looking at this situation, Liu Qian felt that there was nothing left to do. Although the security level of Yanshi City had not been raised, according to Liu Qian’s experience, if there were so many guards during the day, the number of guards would not be small at night. It was basically impossible to find anyone close to him. Opportunities past.
When Liu Qian was about to leave reluctantly, he suddenly thought of something. Didn’t he have the power of walking quickly? Find the right moment and use quick steps to quickly pass through the guards’ defense line. I wonder if you can get close to the safe.
/After repeatedly observing the patrol routes of these guards, Liu Qian finally found an opportunity and rushed towards the block at a fast pace, trying to find a place to hide his figure, and then waited for the speed to cool down before continuing towards the insurance. The cabinet is close.
But the next moment, several guards gathered here, found Liu Gan and expelled him. Although it seems that the steps are extremely fast, it is not teleportation, and the body movements will still be noticed by the guards.
This time Liu Gan did not leave immediately after being expelled from the neighborhood. Although his quick steps did not allow him to get close to the safe, he still made some new progress.
When Liu Gan rushed over just now, he released his corpse pet, the alien zombie. When Liu Gan was driven out by the guards, no guards noticed the alien zombie clinging to the shadow of the eaves of the building.
/Liu Qian didn’t know whether the guards discovered him based on vision or some other way, but judging from the current situation, the small, cold-bodied alien zombies were easier to hide in front of these guards than Liu Qian’s body. Effect.
The alien zombie did not have a crack chip. Even if it got close to the safe, it could not crack the electronic lock of the safe. However, Liu Gan still directed it and slowly crawled towards the building where the safe was located.
Liu Qian could share the sight of the alien zombie and let it scout out the situation nearby, maybe there would be a chance to get close to the safe at night.
Although the sensor chip in Liu Qian’s brain can sense the nearby situation, it is certainly not as clear as the shared vision of the alien zombies.
Liu Gan asked Liu Ruyan to wait outside the city, and Liu Ruyan waited quietly outside the city. Liu Gan told her