, Hull flipped through the newspaper. There was nothing in the newspaper that particularly interested him.

After taking a bath, Hel told the little maid a story as usual. What surprised him was that the little girl was not as reserved as usual. Even if his hands invaded the restricted areas in the past, she didn’t particularly care. Of course, Hel I also never expected to have two breakthroughs in one day.
At half past nine, the little maid left the villa as usual. When she went out, she took a hunting dog with her.
/Hull seemed a little impatient tonight because he wanted to go to the secret room immediately. In addition to the gold, silver, jewelry and works of art that he felt quite concerned about, there were also the things he and Lida had gone crazy about there. Mark of.
Recalling everything that happened during the day and that wonderful feeling, Hull felt his blood boiling. He even had the urge to rush under Leda’s window immediately, pull up the accordion and sing a love song.
But he also thought that perhaps appearing at the window with Leda was her angry father and the shotgun in his hand.
Only then did Hull remember that the cane, which could definitely be called the murder weapon, was still in his hand. It seemed that Lida would have to send the cane back instead.
After ten o’clock, Miscon’s fog arrived on time as usual, and as soon as it started to fog, Hull had already gotten into the mine.
Riding a starlight earthworm, he arrived at the secret room he discovered during the day. The secret room still had the smell of him and Lida, especially the big piece of goose down, which was covered with traces of his and Lida’s madness.
Just as Hull was thinking about whether to carefully collect this piece of velvet and treat it as a family heirloom, he heard a very soft voice in the secret room.
The sound came from one of the listening holes, which they had forgotten to put the cork on when they left during the day.
At this time, there were still people working, which made Hull feel a little strange. Miscon would start to fog up after ten o’clock, so few people would work overtime so late.
With curiosity, Hull moved closer to the listening hole and listened carefully.
“I really can’t understand your work efficiency. Is it really that difficult to get people to sign? Didn’t some of you tell those people that signing only benefits them and does no harm?” A sharp and urgent person said the voice.
“I’m very sorry. No one who can achieve this level is a fool. Everyone here has tried their best. If someone is unwilling to cooperate, it is not our problem. I believe you and I are very aware of this matter.
“Besides, please don’t forget that you were only sent here to coordinate the liaison work. I did not receive an order to let you give the orders.” A deep middle-aged man’s voice said.
“It doesn’t matter who gives the orders. I just hope that everyone can do things well. I believe everyone knows what it means to us if this thing fails.” The sharp voice said, his tone The smell of threat is getting stro