could do, I hadn’t slept for more than twenty hours, and I really couldn’t stand it anymore. Even Yin Kuang is no exception.

could do, I hadn’t slept for more than twenty hours, and I really couldn’t stand it anymore. Even Yin Kuang is no exception.
Tang Rouyu and Qian Qianqian are no longer here, probably going to work. After Yin Kuang finished washing up and had a simple breakfast, Qian Qianqian entered the room and said angrily: “You lazy idiot, are you finally awake?” Yin Kuang said with a smile: “Who said that? I was around twelve o’clock last night I just woke up. I just fell asleep again.” Qian Qianqian snorted, “You still have the nerve to say that. Sister Tang asked me to see if you woke up. If you haven’t woken up yet, I will burn your eyebrows off.” The flames dancing on her fingers illuminated the devilish smile on her face. Yin Kuang pulled Qian Qianqian over, put his arm around her slender waist, and asked, “Is there something important?
” Say, you go find Sister Tang.” Yin Kuang pinched her nose, “Are you going to tell me?” Qian Qianqian shook her little head, “If you don’t tell me, you won’t tell me. But I can tell you something that will definitely interest you. .”
“Oh? What is it? If you are not interested in something, I will use you to do something that is interesting to you.”
Qian Qianqian blushed, “You gangster? Don’t scratch me, don’t scratch me. I said it, I said it, but also Can’t you? The reason why you are interested is because I saw Diao Chan!”
“Diao Chan?” Yin Kuang was really interested.
/“See? I knew it.” Qian Qianqian looked like she had known this for a long time, “Also, you must have never imagined that Diao Chan looks exactly like Lu Xia Leng. Those eyes, those eyebrows, that nose, Tsk tsk, I really want to strip her naked and put her on the fire! Hehe!”
Yin Kuang was stunned.
After listening to Qian Qianqian’s brief description, Yin Kuang realized that Qian Qianqian had gone out for a walk this morning to see if he could get some valuable information, but unknowingly came to the back door of the residence of Situ Wang Yun. , where I saw a group of men watching. Out of curiosity, Qian Qianqian approached her and immediately saw several women choosing the rouge and gouache from the travel dealer. One woman in particular was stunningly beautiful.
He is exactly the same as Lu Xialeng, even his temperament is similar!
I don’t know why, but Qian Qianqian and Lu Xialeng just don’t deal with each other. Therefore, Qian Qianqian suddenly became disgusted with this woman who looked exactly like Lu Xialeng. After asking, I found out that this woman was the famous Diao Chan, known to both men and women in future generations! Because Qian Qianqian concealed her appearance and restrained her temperament, when she asked the man next to her, she received a burst of contempt and ridicule. Qian Qianqian gritted her teeth and said to herself, “I don’t care about you NPCs.” !”
Qian Qianqian also mentioned an interesting detail. That was when Qian Qianqian was gnashing her teeth at Diao Chan, Diao Chan seemed to sense something. She stopped concentrating on choosing rouge and gouache, and raised her p