t: “We can’t fight this fight! Withdraw!”

t: “We can’t fight this fight! Withdraw!”
With this idea, Yin Kuang finally no longer hesitated, while calculating the position, he poured a large amount of “source” into the “axis”, and at the same time Secretly activating the soul power of the ancestor dragon, even if he wants to withdraw, he cannot withdraw directly!
“Quick! Quick! Take him down and hand him to me. I can’t wait any longer!” Aikenfo’s head has turned into the head of a giant beast, with its bloody mouth open, trying to devour anyone.
As soon as Aikenfo became impatient, the ten creators also became impatient, and their attacks seemed a bit chaotic. Yin Kuang immediately found an opportunity, swept out a stick, and blocked all the random sticks coming from around him. Then there was a loud roar, and suddenly colorful flames lit up the whole room.
“Ah!? What is this?” Aikenfo closed his eyes and shouted.
The wishful stick instantly became thicker and longer, and he stabbed Aikenfo’s huge head with a stick, directly into his throat.
Aikenfo whimpered.
The wishful stick was pressed against the glass wall.
Then the wishful stick stretched in reverse direction instantly, pushing Yin Kuang’s body out of the metal space.
Just run for your life in a muffled voice!
Yin Kuang fled quickly, but Wesker, Moros, the Viking pirate woman and even the “Creator Meat Monster” were stunned for a moment.
/“Damn it!” Moros gritted his teeth and cursed secretly. Fortunately, he had already thought about retreating, so when he saw Yin Kuang withdrawing from the metal space, he followed closely. The Viking woman was two steps slower, but she also rushed towards the giant metal door.
Speaking of which, their people opened the door to this metal space.
Wesker, who was busy competing with Isaacs in telekinesis, scolded them in his heart for being shameless. He didn’t care to reserve any more power and drove out an even more majestic telekinesis. However, this mental power is not used to defeat the enemy, but is used to push himself in the opposite direction like Yin Kuang. With a flash of black light, Wesker rushed out of the metal space even before the Viking woman.
/This time he roared with great anger.
Countless pieces of flesh were twisted into long ropes and lightning flew out. One of the balls of meat rope wrapped around Yin Kuang’s Ruyi golden cudgel, and simply wrapped the Ruyi stick into a twist. After all, although Yin Kuang’s men rushed out of the metal space, their extended wishful sticks were still inside. And the rest of the meat ropes like a meteor shower rushed towards the Viking woman, Wesker and Moros.
“Get away!” The Viking pirate woman was a little slower, and when she saw that she was about to be entangled, she shouted angrily. The silver light of the hand ax in her hand flashed, and a silver blade of light was struck, and there were continuous “puff” sounds. A bunch of meat ropes were cut. However, this did not save her. How powerful is the explosive power of the angry “Creator Meat Monster”? The