who was disabled, was inexplicably excited at this time. It had been more than a year since he had run freely like this, right?

who was disabled, was inexplicably excited at this time. It had been more than a year since he had run freely like this, right?
When Liu Qian started running, he was accustomed to walking with prosthetic legs in the real world and was still unable to master his balance. He staggered a few steps and almost fell to the ground. The green-skinned man quickly opened him up a few meters away, but soon Liu Qian found the feeling of being a normal person before, and his running speed increased. With a few long steps, he gradually caught up with the green-skinned man running ahead.
After the green-skinned man and Liu Gan escaped, the others also reacted and immediately ran away behind them. Even the three injured players didn’t care about the screams and ran wildly behind the other players.
“Don’t follow me! Run separately! Otherwise no one will survive!” Seeing the others following him, the green-skinned man yelled at them with great experience. Encountering such a super BOSS in an open space and running together will definitely result in the team being wiped out. If you run separately, everyone has a certain chance of surviving. As for the one who is targeted by the BOSS and cannot escape, he can only consider himself unlucky.
The others woke up from a dream. After hesitating for a moment, they each chose another direction and ran away from the square. Liu Qian also chose another direction to escape, but the player wearing glasses followed Liu closely. After Qian died, he might have thought that Liu Qian’s brain reaction was faster, so he would have a greater chance of surviving with him, right?
/The bald man who was seriously injured and fell at the back was a bit unlucky. He found that no matter how he adjusted his direction, the mutated zombie was chasing after him. This made him frightened and he quickly stopped and turned around to hold his hand. The Molotov cocktail was thrown at the mutant zombie.
The Molotov cocktail exploded and exploded into a sea of ??fire in front of the mutant zombie. The mutant zombie was burned into a fireball by the gasoline from the Molotov cocktail. However, this did not seem to affect it. Instead, it became even more furious. Several He strode forward, raised two meat fists, and slammed into the bald man who had no time to run away, knocking him to the ground immediately.
When the zombies in the streets around the square heard the commotion here, they immediately surged into a wave of corpses, gathering towards the square from all directions, almost blocking all the ways out.
Liu Gan ran into a dozen zombies that were gathering in the distance. He couldn’t escape and had to flee back the same way. He couldn’t help but feel the urge to scold his mother. I have just entered the game, and there is a BOSS battle and a zombie wave. Do you want all the players to be wiped out as soon as they enter the game? Not even given some time to adapt? Are game manufacturers out of their minds with this kind of setting?
“Stop running around! There are zombies everywhere! We can’t run awa