are all branches of United Steel, and the cost of buying and selling ore is just a matter of switching from the left hand to the right hand.

Hull had enough things to do, but at this time, the research institute on the United Steel side reported to him that the heavy-duty movement for ships had been built and installed on the ship.
This is definitely a big thing. The new movement has been successfully manufactured, and actual testing must be carried out next. This is a lot of work that needs to be completed, and these things must be arranged by him personally, and there must be no mistakes. Given the importance that the upper echelons of the empire now attach to new propulsion devices, Marquis Dockmann and the Crown Prince will definitely be present on the day of the test.
Testing battleships is not testing those racing cars; the river will definitely be blocked on the day of the test, and the sailors driving the boats will also be a problem. The new warship’s level of confidentiality is very high, so everyone who drives it must be strictly monitored. As a result, selecting people is a problem.
In the past, if you encountered something that needed to be kept secret, you could ask Marquis Dockman for help. However, this time, because it involves ship navigation, the people under Marquis Dockman are all elites in the army and are of no use on the water.
Hull drafted a report and handed it over. He planned to remove people from the Navy, but this kind of thing was difficult to do forcefully. The relationship between United Steel and the Navy was far less close than that of the Army. So he had to arrange for another group of sailors.
/And this involves costs. You know, it is not easy to recruit such a group of sailors. These people have to be raised afterwards. They must not be allowed to contact the outside world. The previous method was to take them and their families to a relatively secluded place where there are Schools and shops can basically be regarded as a small town, which of course costs money, but the United Steel Company will not pay for it, so some have to argue with the Navy Department.
Before Hull could resolve all these matters, the other side had already begun to attack him.
This headquarters is a three-story villa, located on an artificial earth platform, with a zigzag driveway underneath. Standing on the third floor here, through the dirty, dark windows, you can see the faint You can see what the factory looks like outside.
Although it was the headquarters, Goler rarely worked here at the time. Therefore, except for the conference room on the top floor, most of the other rooms in the building were empty and were used as small living rooms for customers to discuss business. Sometimes, there is a place where you can talk freely.
But today, the conference room, which was always packed with people in the past, was empty. On the contrary, the small living rooms were occupied by people.
Rebellion is a popular term. In United Steel Company, it refers to the lower-level employees who raise distrust