ouran’s direction, “Such a big one Don’t you feel the handwriting?”

ouran’s direction, “Such a big one Don’t you feel the handwriting?”
To be honest, Li Yongsheng’s handwriting really frightened him. He had already guessed that Master Li was very powerful, and he was always respectful – putting aside his understanding of the origin. This person can be recognized by Ding Qingyao.
However, it was not until this person sent out six real-person puppets to launch a death attack that he realized that he had underestimated Master Li.
Li Yongsheng had also used real puppets before. At that time, he used ten people, but what kind of environment was that? It was a mere hundred of them who directly faced the full impact of the anti-hunting team, and even the True Lord Xianda appeared!
/In that kind of situation where life and death are on the line, no matter how many trump cards you have, you still have to use them. Doesn’t the Gongsun family’s Dingjing whisk also need to be used?
But in the situation just now, in good conscience, there is no need for Master Li to use so many real puppets.
Even without the intervention of the True Lord’s puppet, it would be an inevitable result for most people to break through the blockade.
The desperate attack of six real people only ensured that more Middle-earth rangers could return home safely. To be honest, it was really not worthwhile.
Chapter 804: Prince Ning protects himself
from six real puppets. What is this concept?
She Gongfeng has never encountered such a situation, but he is very sure that if Ding Qingyao dares to use six puppets in this way and cause such a huge waste when it is not necessary, she will not be able to deliver the work even when she returns to Xuannv Palace.
But Li Yongsheng used it like this, very decisively, without any sloppiness.
These real people were all caught when everyone went north. The process of capturing them did not seem to be too difficult. Master Li also has unique skills in refining real human puppets, but this does not mean that they can be wasted casually!
In the Kingdom of China, every family, force or group is very concerned about the accumulation of information. No one can have too many trump cards. Just saying that Gongsun Weiming attaches great importance to his own real puppets proves the preciousness of this thing. .
It would be better for Li Yongsheng to just waste six of them for some rangers – this is because he only has six.
So, his use of it in this way illustrates a problem. Either there are no elders behind him, or the force he belongs to is extremely strong, so strong that he does not take the six real puppets seriously.
Are there no elders behind Li Yongsheng? She Chongfeng absolutely did not believe it – he could understand the origin of the mirage so clearly, he could also control the first generation of blood demons, and he could refine the true king into a puppet. This kind of inheritance was not much worse than that of the four major palaces.
/After thinking about this, he even had a rough guess in his mind, but this guess was a bit shocking. In fact
, he w