“It’s raining and the road is muddy. Why not sit down and drink a cup of hot tea before walking?”

“It’s raining and the road is muddy. Why not sit down and drink a cup of hot tea before walking?”
The two people blocking the road were both thin and slim, with extremely narrow eyebrows. Similar, as if carved from the same mold.
Seeing this, Master Liu frowned slightly, “What does Tianmu’s double murder have to do with you two?” ”
Then they are our brothers,” one of them said with a smile, “This Master is very knowledgeable.”
Li Yongsheng and his party, two The woman was sitting in the carriage. Of the four people who were exposed, only Liu Jingshi showed his true cultivation.
But this double kill by Tian Lao was based on the cultivation level of the first-level real person. According to rumors, the twin brothers also had the skill of combined attack. The two of them joined forces and did not even pay the bills of the high-level real person.
In fact, there was a high-level real person sitting in the pavilion, so the two brothers were quite confident when facing Master Liu.
Liu Qi nodded slightly, “Since you two have invited each other, we would be disrespectful and please make a pavilion for them.”
There are three thatched pavilions for tourists to rest on the roadside. There are four or five people sitting in each pavilion. It is crowded and there will be conversation. No, but they each occupied their own territory, otherwise, there wouldn’t be more than a dozen people crowding the awning.
Hearing this, everyone in the pavilion turned their eyes towards him – such a loud tone.
Tianmu Shuangsha’s expression also changed slightly, and he spoke sinisterly, “Please tell me the name of this real person. We must know who the pavilion is vacated for.” Before
Liu Zhenren could speak, he pretended to be the lone wolf of the coachman. He said in a muffled voice, “You two brothers are not qualified to ask about our brand name.”
Tianmu Shuangsha was furious when he heard this. The two were trained by a strange person since they were young. After their debut, they rarely encountered rivals. He has gained a great reputation in the world of martial arts.
The two snorted coldly and rushed towards Zhang Laoshi, “How dare you disrespect your superior!”
/Before he could finish his words, Liu Zhenren flicked his wrist, and two green ropes appeared out of thin air and wrapped around the two of them.
The two brothers exchanged shapes in the air, shook their hands and shot out two green and red rays of light, directly crushing the green rope, and then struck Zhang Laoshi with the remaining momentum.
I saw a white jade hand stretching out from the carriage, and a jade-colored screen appeared out of thin air, blocking Zhang Laoshi. The green-red light hit the screen and immediately dissipated in the air.
And the jade screen trembled twice, and gradually turned into a shadow, and finally disappeared.
An expert will know if someone is there as soon as he makes a move, and once the two sides fight, they will know that the other side is a strong opponent.
/The high-ranking real person in the pavilion stood u