In fact, Wei Xiaobei saw many corpses that had been chewed into skeletons along the way.
When Wei Xiaobei entered the desert, as long as he didn’t provoke the fire dragon, there would be no danger even if he encountered a scarab.
/After all, although the scarab has an extremely hard shell, it is just a three-star ordinary monster. Its only attack method is to accelerate and collide.
But it was more difficult to bump into Wei Xiaobei.
For ordinary people, this desert area is a terrifying place.
Not to mention scarabs, just the black giant scorpions, scarab descendants, and possible fire crows and other monsters are enough to cause casualties to ordinary humans.
To be honest, after such a long time, Zhang Zhang’s little-organized expedition team was able to survive more than a hundred people in the desert. It was already extremely lucky.
On the periphery of the crowd were more than thirty strong men holding torches. Well, they should be the bodyguards of these young ladies. They used strong alcohol and torches made of clothes to prevent the descendants of the Scarab from attacking easily.
But there will be a time when the torch burns out.
Just looking at the crowd, you can tell that there are already many men and women who can only moan.
The whole crowd was in a state of despair.
Looking at the bodyguards, Wei Xiaobei nodded. These bodyguards were pretty good.
Judging from the speed with which they used torches to drive back the descendants of the scarabs, these thirty-odd bodyguards were all very skilled. If they gathered together and killed the descendants of the scarabs, it might not be impossible.
After all, the people they protect can be used to attract the attention of the descendants of the Scarab.
But they still stay here.
You know, this is not reality, it is a weird place for them.
Being able to abide by professional ethics in this way really impressed Wei Xiaobei.
As long as people have certain shining points, Wei Xiaobei will have a good impression of them.
Of course, the premise is that there is no threat to yourself.
As time passed bit by bit, the light of the torch slowly weakened, and the descendants of the scarabs surrounding the crowd gradually began to stir.
There is no doubt that with the threat of the Torch weakened, the Scarab Spawn are ready to strike.
For these carnivorous beetles, finding food in this desert area is not an easy task. Now that they have finally surrounded this group of humans, how can they give up so easily?
“Quick! Take off your clothes!”
As the founder of the expedition team, Mr. Zhang was somewhat of a pioneer, and he had only a pair of underwear left early on.
Fortunately, this is a desert area, and the heat wave is rolling, so wearing underwear is not a problem.
The first ones to take off their clothes as torches were naturally the bodyguards, followed by some security guards and waiters, both men and women. The previous group of people who took off their clothes were young men and young ladies with slightly lower status.
But now, there are on