existing cars.

existing cars.
Less air resistance means that the car will be faster and more fuel-efficient when driving. Countless automotive engineering laboratories around the world are conducting research on the cars that Han Xuan drew for Hans Automobile Group and absorbing certain technologies.
The new cars they developed as a project back then are now appearing at the Paris Motor Show at the same time as the products of Hans Automobile Group, which has brought about a completely new change to this exhibition.
For example, the three new Audi A-series cars made many visitors to the auto show marvel. Compared with the previous cars, the car lights and bodies have undergone huge changes, and the appearance has changed from square and square to more sleek and smooth.
The particularly petite air intake grille has also changed its shape, greatly improving the appearance of the three cars. The shape is like the previous Audi A series in 2003.
In order to meet the challenge of the disruptor Han Xuan, Audi has come up with a lot of under-the-box technology this time to greatly increase the engine power and also put a lot of effort into the interior.
Garu looked surprised and said: “The car is so beautiful. My dad just bought an Audi A8 last month. Compared with this car, it is so ugly. Oh my god, I should have bought it later if I had known earlier. After the new car is launched, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he drives an old car out?” ”
Yes, this Audi TT is very cool, and the hardtop convertible is really beautiful. Roland, you can use it as an alternative, if you want Maserati If you are not satisfied with the new car, just buy an Audi TT.”
Basile stood on tiptoes and said after reading. He also quietly glanced at Han Xuan with his eyes and found that his expression had not changed. He muttered that he was really pretending. He looked away and
Han Xuan let out a long sigh of relief. .
After all, these big car manufacturers did not dare to take too big a step forward and had reservations in the design of replacement models. Although these cars have become more beautiful, they cannot be compared with their own company’s products.
As he guessed, if one step is too big, what will the car owners who bought the car in the past two years think?
I must think that the car I bought is almost obsolete, and if they use it to defraud money, it will have a huge impact on the reputation of these big car companies, so slow change is the best way.
Hans Automobile Group is different. The company did not have many customers before, so its hands and feet were not restricted and it could develop whatever it wanted.
Hearing the surrounding tourists praising these new cars from the Volkswagen Group, Han Xuan thought that they must not have seen his company’s cars yet.
Looking at those Audi A series models again, I noticed that the waistline, lights, and rear of the car all imitated Maserati and Kylin, and I couldn’t help but feel proud.
/“Always imitated, never surpassed, invincible is really lonely. The Volkswagen Group un