Many officials nearby also noticed that the county magistrate was in a bad mood, and they quickly took the opportunity to sneak away.
In the backyard, looking at the huge plaque wrapped in red silk in front of him, Yang Qing had a grim expression.
There are four large gilded characters on the plaque, which are gifts from the emperor.
“A home that accumulates good deeds, what a good home that accumulates good deeds!”
Yang Qing’s teeth were itching with hatred.
It is a severe drought in the north. If he can present the improved waterwheel at this time, even if he cannot be promoted, he will at least get a good grade in today’s official evaluation. This will determine whether he can be transferred to a big post in the future. County, it must be of great help.
/And the ‘Auspicious’ that was obtained in front of them was actually swallowed up by the Zhang family.
Yang Qing was angry and helpless.
He was a dignified magistrate of Fengxi County, but he didn’t even know that there was an auspicious sign under his nose. It is conceivable that the backers behind him would be very disappointed in him.
But the Zhang family is really troublesome and not easy to take revenge on.
This made Yang Qing hold his breath in his heart and he couldn’t get out no matter what.
“Dong, the Zhang family is indeed too arrogant. The Dong family is Feng Xi’s parents. No matter where you start from, the Zhang family should not surpass the Dong family!”
The staff member next to him, Zhao Xing, lowered his head. He could see that Yang Qing was furious, which made him look strange.
Blocking someone’s future is like killing one’s parents.
This time the Zhang family ate alone, which completely angered Yang Qing.
The words in his mouth added fuel to Yang Qing’s fire, and Yang Qing’s breathing became faster.
“Hmph, the big families in these places are a cancer to the imperial court. They have no regard for the imperial laws. They are fish and meat places, and they regard our imperial laws as nothing. How can I tolerate this!”
Yang Qing’s face was calm, but there was a cold light in his eyes.
Seeing this, Zhao Xing took the opportunity to step forward and said, “My boss, Wansheng has an idea that may help you breathe a sigh of relief.”
“What’s your idea?”
Yang Qing paused and glanced at Zhao Xing. He still trusted Zhao Xing.
He checked and found out that Zhao Xingben was a local scholar from a poor family. He was also a man who worshiped the Four Seas Spring Wind. He opened a gambling stall in his early years, but he offended the Zhang family. Not only was the family property taken away, but the family’s lovely wife and beautiful family members also became other people’s playthings. , it is impossible to be in cahoots with the Zhang family.
/In addition, the relationship between Zhao Xing and some bandits outside the city is unclear, and the details are not clear. He can rest assured that he has the handle in his hand.
Zhao Xingma showed a gloomy smile on his face and said:
“My boss, the Zhang family is so bold. They rely on Zhang