this time, the ice gauze fell, revealing a peerless appearance, and deep in the palm of his hand, he held a magnificent divine flag made of ice and snow.

About to wave.
A vast and majestic atmosphere emerged, which was close to the level of Dao Lord. When it encountered the cyan light, its body instantly froze, fear and horror appeared on its face, but in an instant its body collapsed, and in the cyan fairy light Next, the entire body shape was completely purified.
Only a pure flow of ice and snow was left in place.
An ancestral energy of ice and snow spread out, causing the entire ice and snow abyss to tremble.
A terrifying sense of sadness flowed out of it.
The holiness born from the Ice and Snow Ancestral Qi has completely fallen.
The Qinglian created by the Xiantian Lingbao completely wiped her out with just one blow.
Zhang Jian looked at this scene and sighed.
He did not expect that an innate sacred figure would fall into his hands so soon.
However, dying under the innate spiritual treasure can be regarded as an honor.
At this time, Zhang Jian slowly summoned the innate green lotus above his head and took it into his body.
The power of the innate spiritual treasure was still beyond his imagination.
The hit was truly amazing.
Directly defeat this sacred brand from the ice and snow ancestral energy.
Immortality has become a joke.
But it’s really useful.
A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
There is an obvious difference between innate spiritual treasures and acquired spiritual treasures.
/The innate spiritual treasure can automatically absorb the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, and when it needs it, it can be activated directly.
The only problem is that you have to worry about not being able to control the divine forbidden law inside and hurting others and yourself.
Moreover, the recovery of the innate spiritual treasure is not very fast. After the second blow, it needs to consume one’s own Taoism to activate it.
In addition, the power of the innate spiritual treasure is extremely perfect.
Houtian Lingbao obviously does not have this ability.
Although the power is extremely powerful, if it is to be fully exerted, it requires the support of one’s own Taoism and Taoist heart.
Zhang Jian cannot do this now.
At this time, Zhang Jian saw that at the place where the ice and snow god had fallen, a divine flag soared into the sky, turning into a streak of white energy that was about to return to the deep depths of the ice and snow.
Zhang Jian waved his hand and took the sacred flag that was about to fly away into the depths of his palm.
Taking it deep into the palm of his hand, Zhang Jian suddenly felt a huge and magnificent Xuanming divine power passing through it and integrating into his body. It seemed that he had controlled an unparalleled huge power in an instant.
Xuanming artifact!
Zhang Jian immediately understood that this was the sacred object stored by Dutian Xuanming Zuqi.
Got it!
Chapter 579 Ji Shen
Zhang Jian looked at the Xuanming Divine Flag in his hand tha