ight have been fried in hot oil. Although Wei Xiaobei was not afraid of this. Hot oil burns on the body, but if the patrolling Yaksha is scalded by the oil, the effect of this threat will be much worse.

“Okay, go ahead, tell me everything you know.”
Wei Xiaobei threw Xunhai Yaksha to the ground and asked in a cold voice.
Seeing that he was not thrown into the frying pan, the patrolling Yaksha cried even harder.
Wei Xiaobei had to intimidate him some more before he asked the patrolling Yaksha to stop his tears and start crying.
This patrolling Yaksha is nothing more than a pawn in the South China Sea Dragon Palace.
But having said that, their status is not low. As the patrol yaksha who has the most dealings with the monsters in the South China Sea Dragon Palace’s jurisdiction, wherever they go, the monsters do not dare to resist even if they are stronger than them.
/Xunhai Yaksha represents the face of Nanhai Dragon Palace!
To put it simply, the sea area patrolled by the patrolling yaksha is the territory they manage.
Those high-ranking dragon sons and grandsons would not be willing to leave the Dragon Palace to patrol around.
Of course, the status of the patrolling yaksha also varies, and the sea area managed by this patrolling yaksha is the sea area around the volcanic island.
According to Xunhai Yaksha, that sea area is rich in spiritual energy due to the volcanic island, so it has been designated as a breeding ground for spiritual fish by the South China Sea Dragon Palace, and the spiritual fish it produces are supplied to the South China Sea Dragon Palace.
How the South Sea Dragon Palace uses these spiritual fish, whether it is for its own use or for trading, is beyond the scope of this little patrolling yaksha.
Spirit fish?
Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be a little surprised, and then he took out a sea fish and looked at it with All Omniscience. When he was fishing before, he did not use All Omniscience to check the attributes of the sea fish, but only used the breath he felt to deduce the creatures of the sea fish. grade.
Now using his omniscience to look at it, Wei Xiaobei finally understood why these sea fish were called spiritual fish by the patrolling Yaksha.
No matter what kind of fish they are, there is an introduction in their introduction: This spiritual fish is a specialty of Dragon Palace in the South China Sea. The meat is delicious and contains spiritual energy within it. It is necessary to activate the earth veins and create an environment with abundant spiritual energy before such spiritual fish and so on can be cultivated.
To put it simply, the meat quality of these sea fish is at least rare, and among them, the four-star ordinary large yellow croaker has an immortal meat quality!
According to Xunhai Yaksha, among the spiritual fish caught by Wei Xiaobei, only the large yellow croaker was mature, and the rest of the spiritual fish were not yet mature.
The patrolling Yasha appeared this time just to take the big yellow croaker back to the Dragon Palace. Who would ha