lly developed a feeling of walking on thin ice while working for Representative Lin.

Because Representative Lin is so awesome!
So the more he understood the excellence of Representative Lin, the more Gu Dong felt that he, as a little assistant, had a long way to go.
While Gu Dong felt pressure, he also felt motivated.
Being an assistant to Representative Lin is not only an honor for me, but also a precious opportunity in my life.
She doesn’t allow herself to make mistakes. She must complete Representative Lin’s assistant work in the most beautiful way in the future!
Naturally, Lin Yuan didn’t know what the assistant was thinking.
After reading the list and roughly writing down who gave what gift, Lin Yuan raised his head and said, “Can you do something for me?”
“You say.”
Gu Dong said immediately.
Lin Yuan thought for a while and said: “Help me find a composer in our department, preferably one who is younger and has higher potential. I am going to accept another apprentice and teach him how to compose.”
Lin Yuan wanted to continue his mission of recruiting disciples.
Because the system recently started to remind Lin Yuan that the time limit for this apprenticeship task is less than half a year!
If Lin Yuan cannot teach three apprentices within this time, Yang Zhongming’s character card will disappear.
/To be honest, time is tight.
Lin Yuan was reluctant to lose Yang Zhongming’s character card, so he must seize the time to complete this task. Even if he took some special measures for this, it was acceptable.
Gu Dong nodded.
Xue Liang’s success proves that Representative Lin is very good at teaching his disciples.
After Gu Dong left.
Lin Yuan’s cell phone rang.
As expected, it’s Lin Yuan again. With “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” as his background, it’s strange that he couldn’t win this award.
Yang Feng smiled and said: “Perhaps because they are afraid of causing controversy, they only announced the list, but not the ranking.”
For Lin Yuan, just getting the Great God Award is enough.
Yang Feng didn’t pay attention to Lin Yuan’s calm tone. This is the strong adaptability of human beings: “Does Teacher Chu Kuang want to attend the award ceremony?”
Lin Yuan frowned: “Do I have to attend?”
Yang Feng said quickly: “That’s not the case. It’s your freedom to attend or not. If you need it, our Silver Blue Library can send someone to receive the award on your behalf, or you can designate someone to go and receive the award. It’s best if it’s you. agents and the like”
“You guys can help me get it and send it back to me.”
I wonder if the Great God Award trophy is worth anything?
After chatting for a few more words, Lin Yuan hung up the phone.
Whether it’s interviews or awards,
It seems like there are many occasions recently where you are trying to show your face?
However, Yang Feng said something that reminded Lin Yuan.
You may be able to find an agent to help you arrange and cope with these occasions.
Having too many identities would be troublesome to deal with.