hrew the ball.

hrew the ball.
There was a tumble of people, and even though Sun Hao took protective actions after landing, he still rolled directly to the audience in the back row.
All the Real Madrid fans at the scene broke out in a cold sweat.
The referee on the sidelines also paused and then blew the whistle.
It’s okay to leave the game to the players at the last moment, but there is a bottom line for penalties. This action just now was too dangerous.
If it were not in the European arena, it would be a direct violation.
Just when everyone’s attention was on Sun Hao, a crisp sound came from the loudspeaker.
Sun Hao’s little hook before flying out sent the ball into the basket!
This is a 2+1!
2+1 almost at the buzzer!
Sun Hao was helped up by the audience and jumped excitedly after seeing the goal.
Thanks to his quick reaction, excellent physical fitness, and professional protective actions, he didn’t get hurt.
He just wanted to score the ball into overtime!
Unexpectedly, the opponent’s defender JR Smith was possessed and made the most fatal mistake at the last moment!
Now, he has a direct chance to make a free throw!
The defender held his head in disbelief.
Januski looked helpless.
This kind of foul was so obvious that he didn’t even have the desire to try to appeal.
The Real Madrid fans at the scene had exploded and started swinging wildly, punching and shouting.
Originally, they all stepped off the cliff and were about to face the judgment of death.
But in the end they discovered that it was an angel who came!
From hell to heaven, only a few seconds!
Now, they still have the last chance to win!
Sun Hao’s additional penalty!
The referee went to confirm the final time and set the watch back to 0.9 seconds.
Because Panathinaikos has no timeout, this basically means that Sun Hao’s last free throw determines the championship of this game!
This ending is something no one would have imagined!
But, this is the last ball.
Sun Hao went to the free throw line.
The Real Madrid fans at the scene fell silent, but the Greek fans could no longer stop them.
Fireworks filled the sky, and some excited male fans behind the basket even began to peel off their clothes, using their white flesh to distract their vision.
At this moment, the entire arena was filled with noise.
It was definitely a pressure-filled free throw.
Either a buzzer beater or overtime.
/Sun Hao took a deep breath. Although he couldn’t block the explosive noise in his ears, he gradually calmed down.
After all, he is also someone who has experienced several NCAA March Madnesses.
Moreover, they were eliminated in the La Liga semifinals last year and were defeated by Vitus Bologna in the regular season this season.
Compared with those times, at least now, he has the initiative.
Bend your knees, raise your hands, straighten your arms, and move your wrists.
Sun Hao repeated the actions that had been trained countless times in the system.
The basketball was pushed out, spinning and waltzing through