s hand.

Although ‘exoskeleton armor’ is nothing special in the Interstellar Federation, this is a divine world, and the value of ‘exoskeleton armor’ cannot be measured by the value of the ‘Interstellar Federation’.
After Charlie went back yesterday, he really missed the feeling of flying under the control of the ‘exoskeleton armor’. Although there were restrictions on the ‘exoskeleton armor’ that prevented him from flying out of Jianmo City, it was a flying feeling that only the Sky Knights could enjoy. It’s so wonderful.
He could barely sleep that night, so he went to the Lord of Kagel that night to help find workers who painted the roof.
As for the crystal lamp, he directly found the spare crystal lamp from the City Lord’s Mansion. Even the installation workers were from the City Lord’s Mansion.
“I will consider it!” David did not immediately agree to Charlie, but just said.
/David guessed that Charlie’s identity was unusual, and that the space-type ‘exoskeleton armor’ was of no use to him, and it didn’t make much sense to keep it on his body.
It’s better to make friends with Charlie and see if you can get anything good in exchange.
“That’s great. I have a set of contact arrays here. Please accept it. You can communicate through the contact array in the future!” Charlie took out a set of contact arrays from the space ring and handed it to David.
David took over the contact circle. He had seen the contact circle in the divine world before, and he could even make one.
However, the value of the contact circle does not lie in the contact circle itself, but in the contacts recorded in the contact circle.
A contact circle without contact information is simply a useless circle, and people who normally have a contact circle will not give their contact information to others casually.
Charlie wanted to be able to contact David at any time, so he directly sent a set of contact arrays with his contact information to David.
Lord Kagel looked at a total of twenty-six knights, which were also the official knights he summoned from Jianmo City.
/He won the support of many nobles at a cocktail party. Although he borrowed the influence of Earl Bunker, it also explained his methods.
Although there are far more than twenty-six noble families in Jianmo City, there are not many noble families that can send formal knights. Among these twenty-six knights, there are also six knights from the city lord’s palace.
Of course, the number of real knights in Jianmo City is certainly not limited to this. The heads of noble families are generally formal knights, but it is impossible for these knights with titles to participate.
“Fellow knights, you will accept the leadership of Captain Marquis and form a mobile force that can be dispatched to support the castle outside the city at any time. To this end, I have applied for a ‘Star Spaceship’ from the Earl to support our rapid action! “The Lord of Kagel City said in a deep voice.
Among the knights below, there are only a few knights with fighting spirit in the