lanned to release the “nightmare” first.

As a former “Nighthawk”, he always has some impression bonus and emotional bias towards the Extraordinaries in this field. Therefore, without other factors, the choice is not difficult to make.
After calming down, Klein picked up the human leather gloves he had brought above the gray mist before, closing his eyes and sensing the twisted and illusory souls.
Without hesitation, he unleashed “Nightmare.”
On the side of the long bronze table, “Nightmare” appeared.
This is a man who appears to be in his thirties, with black hair and blue eyes, a slender cheek, obvious grooves on both sides of his nose, and a moderately thick beard around his mouth and chin.
As the pain and distortion that he could feel intuitively eased, he pressed his hand on his chest and bowed solemnly.
Compared with the previous “Faceless Man”, this “Nightmare” was obviously less muddled and fragile after being released. I don’t know if it is because the “Dark Night” path improves the spirit more than the “Soothsayer” path, or because he Being grazed for a shorter period of time.
Klein sighed secretly and asked directly in a psychic way:
“Why did you die at the hands of Qilingos?”
The corners of the “Nightmare’s” mouth curled up slightly, revealing a bitter smile:
“I am the Red Glove in Nighthawks, and I am tracking down a batch of ancient documents from the royal tombs of Balam, which are suspected to be related to the fallen God of Death.
“I found that part of it might have fallen into the hands of a certain rich man, so I led two companions and boarded the ship he was on. Unfortunately, when we were about to launch an investigation, we were attacked by the Qilingos fleet. ”
“Where is your companion?” Klein subconsciously asked.
/“Nightmare” said slightly painfully:
“We had a chance to leave, and even kill Qilingos with our skilled cooperation, but, our ship sank, so we had to take a lifeboat instead. Everyone, everyone died, no, died in the line of duty.”
May the goddess bless you all. Klein silently drew a crimson moon in his heart.
This made him realize more deeply that battles at sea are very different from those on land, and environmental factors are crucial.
Sequencers who are not on the “Sailor” path will be at a huge disadvantage.
If the “flying carpet” hadn’t been large, difficult to carry, and very slow, making it an easy target, Klein would definitely have chosen to keep it and give Daniz cash.
Fortunately, I have a fishman’s swim bladder, and I can find “artisans” to make underwater stealth magical items. Unfortunately, “artisans” are very difficult to find. Most of them are in the Church of Steam. There are not many wild ones, otherwise there are magical items in circulation. It won’t be as rare as it is now. If that doesn’t work, we still have to ask Mr. “The Hanged Man” to help. Klein looked at the “Nightmare” who died in the line of duty in front of him, leaned back gently and said:
“What’s your name and what unfulfilled wishes do you have?”
The “nightmare” figure was slo