, he became a little more uneasy. Fortunately, Anya didn’t keep him waiting too long. She nodded and said, “Okay, if it’s you, I’d be happy to do it, but”

, he became a little more uneasy. Fortunately, Anya didn’t keep him waiting too long. She nodded and said, “Okay, if it’s you, I’d be happy to do it, but”
the mood was like a roller coaster, and she was just happy after hearing what she said before. Not long after, his heart started to rise again, and he asked, “But what?”
“Let me tell you in advance, my mother doesn’t allow us to do that kind of thing.”
When Anya said this, her voice was like a mosquito humming, and Han Xuan was confused at first. , and then understood.
I thought to myself that Mrs. Cecilia thought so highly of me, and had already acquiesced in her relationship with Anya, etc. Why did she still call her by her name? She was clearly the mother-in-law!
Anya wanted to laugh, because Han Xuan was smiling like a fool now, and then asked: “You will agree, right?”
“Yeah. In other words, except for the last step, you can do anything?”
Han Xuan smiled evilly, and again He hugged her and started walking his hands on Anya’s back.
I didn’t really have any bad intentions, I just wanted to scare her. I accidentally discovered that I was only wearing a small vest, and I was really a little impulsive this time.
It’s a pity that the effect of “intimidation” is not good. Anya doesn’t know what else can happen besides that, but she is sure that it is definitely not a good thing. For example, on the day she camped out in the Grand Canyon, she did it secretly in the tent. She recalled I just wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl in. It was so embarrassing.
At this moment, he shook his head repeatedly and slapped Han Xuan’s hands away, like a little white rabbit avoiding the big bad wolf.
/With disbelief written all over her face, Anya couldn’t figure out why Han Xuan suddenly seemed like a different person, and said, “No, I said it wrong before, nothing is allowed! I’m just a junior high school student now, and I don’t want to be like my classmates. After giving birth, I, I, I still have to go to school.”
/Looking at her slightly pleading look, it is certain that she will be eaten to death by Han Xuan. She is not a character who will reject others forcefully, especially when facing Han Xuan. Announcement time.
The popularity of sex education in the United States is extremely high, and there is no joke about getting pregnant if you kiss on the lips. If someone teases a girl like this, even a primary school student will despise his ignorance.
Han Xuan heard the key point of this sentence and raised his eyebrows and asked: “Is your classmate pregnant? She goes to my Xueshan Middle School?” ”
Yes, I heard that her boyfriend is a student from another school and is the same age as her. They are the same size, and now they are ready to give birth to the baby.”