who was pushing towards his chest again, but actually slapped the Tongyou Palm into the air!

There is no doubt that this person was more seriously injured this time. You can see that his chest has completely collapsed, and the concave area is in the shape of the sole of his foot. The crisp sound of bone cracking makes people feel numb on the scalp.
The most frightening thing is that his internal organs were also torn apart, and the injuries were so severe that a mysterious force continued to spread to his six internal organs.
Wang Xuan still controlled his strength, otherwise with his current strength, he would be able to break even a solid rock weighing several tons with one kick, let alone a person.
But he didn’t want to make the scene bloody, with all kinds of flesh, blood and bones everywhere. Even he didn’t want to see that scene.
But this person is considered useless and can no longer practice the old skills. Wang Xuan felt that he had always abided by the law and he was just acting in self-defense.
If people knew Xiao Wang’s thoughts: he couldn’t bear to kill the killer, he was worried that Aoki didn’t pay his taxes, and he thought of self-defense when he took action.
I’m afraid everyone will sigh, this is really a good young man who abides by the law!
/Several other people saw Wang Xuan being so decisive and kicked the person’s sternum in half without any hesitation. They did not hesitate and killed him directly. These were a group of ruthless people.
The air exploded as several people practiced Tongyou Palm, hitting Wang Xuan’s back of the head, heart, temples and other parts from all directions, viciously and swiftly.
Wang Xuan was very calm and stretched out his hand to block. He was really not afraid of the so-called Tongyou Palm. Even bullets would be hard to penetrate him after practicing the Golden Body. Let alone these few people, they were not the top big shots.
After restraining himself for a long time, Wang Xuan’s blood was aroused, his eyes became brighter and brighter, and he stabbed people like a sharp sword without mercy. He blocked several times, and the arms of these people were quickly broken.
Then with a bang, he kicked the four of them away, still flying six or seven meters away. Their sternums collapsed, and they all fell to the ground while coughing up blood.
The speed was really fast. After a simple contact, these people flew out. Although Tongyou Palm was terrifying, it couldn’t hit people who had mastered the sixth level of Golden Body Technique. Wang Xuan was not afraid.
The scene suddenly fell silent, and everyone was surprised. Looking at Wang Xuan’s feet, he was worthy of being the one who kicked the great master to death on the Pamir Plateau.
From the past to the present, in people’s impressions and perceptions, the most powerful person is indeed his feet!
“You” The people lying on the ground were all ashamed and angry, and the pain was unbearable. They felt that after their internal organs were torn apart, they were now going to rot again.
Wang Xuan’s eye