nto the same one. As the flames revolved around, the original colorful colors were gone in a breath!

Then, when Chu Weiyang looked at it again, it was a gray fireworks hanging.
It is the supreme magic flame that is full of the meaning of glory and glory, and full of the power of time!
And almost at the same time, the magical jade fruit from “The Moment When Flowers Bloom” fell from the air.
In an instant, among the gray background, what seemed to be extremely colorful, complex and extremely simple jade blossoms steamed up from it. When he looked again, amidst the withered flames, a ginkgo tree soared into the sky. When it rises, its branches stretch out and sprouts sprout, it seems that the branches are reflecting the flourishing flowers and the hundreds of worlds in the sky.
And it is precisely because of this change that after stepping through the door, Shi Yuting has firmly settled in the divine realm!
/The next moment, Shi Yuting hurriedly wrapped himself in a plain robe, and he jumped out of the quiet room in one step. With the aura of his cultivation as a real person in the divine realm, his cultivation aura was reflected in the world between heaven and earth. In an instant, the same feedback and resonance returned from the three realms of the dojo and anchored here at Shiyu Pavilion.
At this moment, it was no longer just the glow of the jade book and golden seal under the peach and fruit trees on the top of Langxiao Mountain.
But almost at the same time, from the inner scene of the Nine Heavens to the Heaven of the Demons of Taiyin, under the yellow plum tree, the flat peach tree, and the descending dragon tree, there are all the radiance of the jade book and the golden seal, which is intended to separate the air. Taking in Shi Yuting’s cultivation aura.
This is the special feature of Shi Yuting’s practice of the Hundred Flowers and Sumeru. By harnessing the power of Sumeru, the world is vast and there is no place he cannot go.
Especially considering that Shi Yuting is in the process of transformation and sublimation. In this step of jumping out of the barrier, he is not only condensing the power of Sumeru, but also mastering the essence of a part of the power of time. In the origin of Taoism.
It is precisely because of this that in that moment, the wind of time blew through the three realms, and the majestic momentum that encompassed all the phenomena in the world was also reflected on the transformation pass of Shi Yuting at this moment.
/Moreover, as early as the first moment when the wind of time penetrated the three realms, it was Shi Yuting who was driving the Baijie Yunfang, hovering on the sea to the north of the Fengdu Gate, penetrating the open Fengdu Gate, and then leading the way. With the strong power of the years, it spread evenly between the heaven and the earth in Lingfu Cave.
Just like Chu Weiyang was able to be named “the real person with upright purpose and clear morals” in the past because of his supreme merit.
In fact, in the process of jumping out of the barrier and sto