g is now the eldest brother, covering the sky with one hand, and placed the useless Qingxuan under the Taiyi sect. Naturally, the other senior brothers dare not speak.

The waste Qingxuan is not a real waste, but a strong man in the immortal realm. This time he studied the Xuanhuang Dao Realm Sutra and understood the cultivation method of refining the Dao as the realm.
What he lacked was the true biography. This time he became a disciple of Taiyi. Firstly, he wanted to take on the identity of walking on the other side. Secondly, Taiyi Daojun had collected many classics after all, which he could refer to as his disciple.
Furthermore, Taiyi Daojun has many disciples in the immortal realm. As a senior brother, it is reasonable to give guidance to such a late learner.
/But for other people, the waste Qingxuan is the immortal state, and Taiyi is also the immortal state. For one immortal state to worship another immortal state as his teacher, it seems to be very purposeful.
“Is my Taiyimen a den of rebels?”
A member of the Taiyi Sect said angrily, “From Hao Yi, to Changsun Shenghai, to Xu Ying, and then came Taoist Qingxuan! None of them look like good people!”
Another senior brother Luo said: “Senior Brother Shenghai can be said to have just betrayed the Taiyi Sect, but Hao Yi, Xu Ying and Qingxuan are clearly rebels from the Three Realms! I, the Taiyi Sect, could it be that the Three Realms are here?” The hall on the other side?”
“I think there must be something wrong with our master Taiyi Daojun!”
Dao Lord Jiuhen found Xu Ying, looked at the waste Qingxuan, and saw that the waste Qingxuan had already completed the great road. He was probably just looking for an identity on the other side by becoming a disciple of Taiyi, and he didn’t really want to become a disciple of Taiyi. He couldn’t help but frown.
He is the most powerful person in Taiyi’s sect and Taiyi’s right-hand man, but there is nothing he can do about Xu Ying inserting such a master.
After all, Taiyi had ordered Xu Ying to do whatever he wanted during the retreat, and no one was allowed to touch him at all.
“Let’s wait until Master comes out of seclusion before making a decision.” He thought to himself.
Jiuhen put the matter aside first and said to the good-for-nothing Qingxuan: “If you do evil, I will not spare you. If you are an honest person and have any problems in practice, feel free to ask me.”
Waste Qingxuan said yes.
Jiuhen said: “Junior Brother Xu, when tens of thousands of you entered the Sea of ??Chaos by boat and headed to the New Universe to open up wasteland, I wonder what happened? Why were you and Shenghai the only ones who returned?”
Xu Ying did not hide anything and said: “The structure of the Dao in the new universe is far better than that on the other side. When we entered the new universe, we encountered Dao crying and began to turn into Dao ashes. Shenghai and I survived by chance, and everyone else has turned into Dao ashes. Dao Hui. Fortunately, I still know the way to the Three Realms, so I went to the Three