“So he only got the say in the smallest single purchase of the operating system.”
Zhang Jianmou He said cheerfully:
“He overestimated the complexity of politics. Giving gifts in such a short period of time seemed to bring so many great benefits, but in the end…”
Zhang Jianmou spread his hands and shook his head in confusion.
“What’s the result?”
Lin Benjian asked curiously.
“In the end, the government felt that he could take on greater responsibilities. In addition to some positions, it also gave him Huahong shares.”
At this point, Zhang Jianmou turned his head to the north and sighed:
“Have you read the mainland’s five-year plan? What’s in it? , does not include integrated circuits, but if Huahong wants to develop, Shanghai City alone cannot support it, not to mention that there is SMIC beside it.”
Lin Benjian suddenly realized:
“So they paid attention . Has it hit Zhao Song? With Shenzhou in the near future and Tesla in two or three years, I’m afraid Zhao Song’s wealth will be enough for Huahong to develop. “
Tesla is still very weak now, but it will be very powerful in the future!
/This is the consensus of everyone in the world. Even Lin Benjian, who knows nothing about the financial field, knows that as Tesla’s ecosystem becomes more and more complete, when it goes public, Zhao Song’s wealth will be exaggerated.
But that’s the future, not the present.
Zhang Jianmou nodded and said with a relaxed smile:
“That’s why I didn’t compromise. I visited a few old friends two days ago. They told me that if Zhao Songshi knew about this step, then this procurement negotiation would be guaranteed to be at most Tesla will have a stable supply of low-priced accessories in the next two or three years, and the rest will be used in exchange for interests in other fields!”
This is easy to understand. After all, in the face of national interests, Zhao Song’s little personal feelings, It can be said to be insignificant. At most, the government will provide various compensations in the future.
What’s more, the stable low-priced accessories are enough to ensure Tesla’s profit income within two or three years, which is more than enough to meet the listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange!
The government has taken everything into consideration.
Lin Benjian stared at him dumbfounded and asked murmuring:
“That young man…hasn’t all this time been spent in vain?”
I don’t know why. , he suddenly felt pity for the young man.
What was even worse was not that the kid had wandered off inexplicably, but that when he took the sword on his back alone and decided to go on his own without stopping, a person suddenly appeared, hugged him tightly, and told him , young man, I want to share this long life with you. Then he got excited and threw away the sword and roasted the horse. When he turned around, the man was gone.
“At least…”
Zhang Jianmou pointed to the crowd outside the window and praised:
“He has caused a lot of trouble to Wanwan.”
It’s not just a trouble, it’s