irector Fan asked me to ask you when you have time. I haven’t seen you for several days. Let’s get together. Sit down and have a meal.”

irector Fan asked me to ask you when you have time. I haven’t seen you for several days. Let’s get together. Sit down and have a meal.”
/You have to hand it over, what a joke!
Dozens of police officers and joint defense team members from our branch visited your area to inquire and conduct carpet searches along the Liuxia River; two law enforcement boats from the Water Police Station of our County Public Security Bureau patrolled back and forth on the Liuxia River; Qiu Guanghui, the instructor of the Criminal Police Squadron of our branch, has already Post “Recognition of the Corpse Notice” all over the streets and alleys of your new nunnery.
There is such a big commotion, and you must not say you don’t know about the floating things.
/Afraid of being dragged into the water, he knew it but didn’t ask anything, and actually had the nerve to let me hand over the case.
Han Bo pretended to be embarrassed and said: “Bureau Qiao, it stands to reason that handing over this case to you will facilitate the investigation. The key point is that the boat suspected of harboring and selling stolen goods was found on this side of the river. The unknown body floated to my side. I will be responsible to the end. Murder cases are like this, let alone theft cases.”
The little fox is quite vindictive.
Being too soft, Lao Qiao decided to be tough and said bluntly: “Xiao Han, I have four suspects in my hands, and you instructors will definitely not be able to take them away. You come here, I will treat you to dinner.”
Dozens of years old The person actually acted rogue!
Regarding the morale of the team, Han Bo refused to give in and said with a smile: “Qiao Bureau, our trainer will definitely bring the suspect back. You don’t need to treat me to a meal. Just prepare to treat him to a meal. I bet you that you won’t be able to do it for a day.” Give the suspect to us, he won’t come back for a day.”
“Xiao Han, you are a cultured person, why are you acting like a rogue?”
A person who acts like a rogue actually says that others are acting like a rogue. He really has a bit of Lao Lu’s style.
Han Bo was completely convinced, and his tone suddenly changed: “Bureau Qiao, as you know, we are very busy now and the police force is very nervous. If the suspect is handed over to our instructors as soon as possible, we can devote more efforts to detecting the murder. Things have to be prioritized. , please help me.”
This is a trouble that cannot be dealt with in the investigation of murder cases.
No matter who broke it, the cable theft case was finally solved anyway. After weighing it, Lao Qiao could only agree: “Okay, I can hand over the suspect to him, but you have to give me the cable as soon as possible.” ”
No. I’ll fix the problem quickly. You can send someone to fix it tomorrow.”
After hanging up the phone, a call from Wang Jiefang suddenly came over the intercom. He was relatively steady in his work and was used to doing things step-by-step no matter what. The call sign was used, not the job title.
“Dongyao, Dongyao