e not use the strength of the pole?

e not use the strength of the pole?
Ning Xi and Ning Xiaoning were talking together and didn’t know what they were talking about. Xu Yao was lowering her head to fix the cream on her hair. When she heard the words, she turned her head at the same time. They were familiar with Wen Liang, but they had never heard him say anything about love. Just a few words. Xie Yan was much more amused. He quickly put the water glass in his hand on the table, put his hands flat on his knees, and sat upright as if he was attending a sacred lesson.
“It says like this, people have experienced all kinds of love in this life, which can be summarized simply in four sentences: the love of junior high school students is going home together, the love of high school students is eating together, and the love of college students is… Sleeping, the love after marriage is to go home to eat and sleep together.”
Ren Yi laughed, often walking by the river, how can he not get his shoes wet, man, Boss Wen, you are really into porn again! Liu Zhihe was equally happy and said to Yang Yang: “Look, I told you a long time ago. This guy looks sanctimonious, but he is actually full of evil. Don’t let him get within three feet of you from now on, or he will get sick!”
Yang Yang Rolling his eyes at him and nodding lightly, Liu Zhihe suddenly felt that his heartbeat had reached 180, his hands and feet were a little weak, and he secretly shouted: It’s over, labor and management are completely over!
Xie Yan and Ye Meng blushed with embarrassment at the same time. Ning Xiaoning remained cold and cold, but her ears were feeling faintly hot. Xu Yao’s eyes widened and she said, “What do you mean by not sleeping? It’s so unpleasant!”
Only Ning Xi smiled. Comment: “If you think about it carefully, it actually makes sense!”
The two overlapping figures on the way home, the two faces looking at each other on the bench in the cafeteria, the two bodies nestling in the rental house, until they hold hands and spend time together For the rest of my life, the best love in every life is so simple, so ordinary, so easy to understand.
Girls, the so-called love is actually just that!
/The atmosphere in Mei Hall became even more tense. What happened during this period made Fan Mingzhu’s spirit highly tense. At this time, her endurance was clearly at its limit. No one dared to say whether she would go crazy in this state. self-mutilation. Wen Huaiming tried to talk to attract Fan Mingzhu’s attention, and then let Tang Ye take advantage of the situation to seize her knife. Now that things have reached this point, the only thing that can be done is not to expand the situation and try not to let Fan Mingzhu get hurt. The other things can only be one step. Take a look.
“Ms. Fan, the reason why I stay here is not because I’m worried about your slander. I just don’t want to see you, a young girl, hurt yourself in a moment of confusion. However, I can responsibly say that Fan Heng’an’s case will be handled by the prosecutor. Fang is suing the court for trial. If you have an