t the door. His face was smashed, followed by Xu Ting’s stern voice: “Are you worthy of calling me brother? “

t the door. His face was smashed, followed by Xu Ting’s stern voice: “Are you worthy of calling me brother? ”
/Wen Liang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the anger in his brows flashed away, but he did not dodge. He made a fist with his right hand and waved it fiercely. The incense burner flew away diagonally and hit the sandalwood carved window rails, smashing into pieces. !
The back of the right hand is dripping with blood!
Xu Tingben took advantage of the situation to follow up and kicked this little gangster who was flirting with girls to the ground. However, he was stunned by Wen Liang’s violent retaliation. With the skill he showed last night, he could completely avoid it. It’s from the incense burner!
Only then did Xu Yao wake up from the extreme shock, shouted “No!”, stretched out her hands to block the gap between the two of them, first looked at Wen Liang’s bleeding hands with distress, then looked back and glared Xu Ting said, “Brother, what are you doing? Why are you beating someone?”
Xu Ting didn’t want to taint Xu Yao’s ears with the dirty things between men. He knew that he couldn’t teach Wen Liang any more today, so he said, “Xiao Yao, come home with me, and don’t associate with this person again in the future!
” Yao looked at him blankly, her bright and clear eyes slowly filled with mist, and murmured: “Why, why, Xiao Ning was like this at first, dad was like this, and now even you are like this. I know a man I like being friends with him. I’m very happy like this. Isn’t it good? Isn’t it good?”
Xu Ting was silent. After a while, he came over and held her hand gently, saying softly: “Let’s go. Go home with your brother.”
/“No! I won’t!”
Xu Yao shook his hand away hard, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She staggered back like a frightened deer, and didn’t stop until she touched Wen Liang’s body. , fingers tightly grasping his sleeves, as if wanting to get some support and strength from them.
In fact, with Xu Yao’s ice and snow intelligence, she would never be so panicked when something happens. Just because Wen Liang and Xu Ting are the two most important men in her little life besides her father, today’s meeting was even more exhausting. She has countless expectations and longings. She hopes that the two of them can become friends, appreciate each other, and get along harmoniously like a family. Unfortunately, the truth was always so cruel, and the huge gap made her unable to accept it for a while, so that she could no longer control her emotions.
In the final analysis, she is just a seventeen-year-old girl, delicate and delicate as a seventeen-year-old, and sad as a seventeen-year-old!
Growing up, Xu Ting was used to seeing Xu Yao bouncing around and having fun, but she never thought that her elf-like and lovely sister would one day look like this. Confusion and pain.
am I wrong?
Xu Ting, who was decisive and ruthless in the action, panicked like all brothers who were defeated by his sister’s tears. He raised and lowered his hands and said incoherently: “Yao Yao, I am doin